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Author Topic: Non-trans only server! Interested?  (Read 12027 times)

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Re: Non-trans only server! Interested?
« Reply #30 on: Jul 08, 2008, 10:06 am »
Which is like a monkey wearing a tuxedo trying to pass for a man.

You mean that wasn't a man?

And I don't think Gravity is quite copying WoW as much as it is trying to copy off every MMO cliche. WoW is not the origin of everything MMO and what makes them fun. People give it WAAAAAAAY too much credit in my opinion for the stuff they actually brought to the table in new features to the MMO community.



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Re: Non-trans only server! Interested?
« Reply #31 on: Aug 06, 2008, 05:29 pm »
Hi, I havent been watching this topic. You know, its summer and there is other stuff to do than browsing forums... Anyway, thanks for your comments.

First of all I'd like assure MWright967 that I didnt copy this idea from anyone and this is first time I heard about his server. Me and my friends got this idea one evening after WoE - we were tired of trans classes and just thought that nontrans server could drag some attention. I have to agree with JJJ and would like to quote him here:
all servers are entire rip offs of other servers
I dont know whats the point of spamming here about "rip off" but whatever.
Just a sidenote: First servers without trans classes where those that were started when there were no trans classes in RO :)

Okay, back on topic. I decided not to start the server after all. It was due to lack of time and also I realized what GM Faith said:
This is something i was discussing with friends a year or so ago.

Its a nice idea, IMO trans classes ruined RO and 3rd classes are set to destroy it utterly  :-\

Howerver, as nice an idea as it is, its the biggest kind of niche-server and one that would be extremely difficult to pull off, especialyl with so much of the new end-game PVM encounters relying heavily on Trans-class skills.
Its just hard to keep such server alive. Even though few groups of 3-4 ppl will say they will join for sure, unfortnately it wont work.
And at the end one example from real life (of Ragnarok :D). Currently I played at HR that was focused on WoE and it had  trans and nontrans WoEs, each at different time. And guess what? While there were barely any ppl at nontrans WoE, trans WoE was pretty crowded. And thats nice example of people not wanting to play nontrans classes because they dont know how to play it - you need whole guild to cooperate, its now a one man show (sinx or creator, etc) like trans classes.

PS: Actually I might go and check out that WrightRO, it looks nice I hope the population is high enough.
PS 2: Or I might not, it appears to be down :-/
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Re: Non-trans only server! Interested?
« Reply #32 on: Aug 07, 2008, 06:30 am »
Hey I am about to launch classic sever just like this, interested? The website/game is running atm, just some finalizing+ forum to do before I publicly announce it, if you add me I will show you that its real, you guys still interested?

My msn is [email protected]

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Re: Non-trans only server! Interested?
« Reply #33 on: Aug 07, 2008, 08:25 am »
Just let us know when its done :)

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Re: Non-trans only server! Interested?
« Reply #34 on: Aug 07, 2008, 11:27 am »
You can logon, but its beta we should be able to finalize everything in next couple of days.


You can register using _m _f for now.

We will not wipe when beta ends. Guaranteed.