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Imperial Regalia:
There are many great low rate servers out there, though among them all we believe Ragnarok Travels is the only low rate server in the world with a true multi-clienting ban. Similar servers allow multiple game accounts per player (I've seen anywhere from 3 to 9 game accounts on servers advertising "single client"), double count venders (playing and vending at the same time), do not verify master accounts, and allow shared guild accounts full of support characters. Servers with these characteristics unofficially allow multi-clienting (because it is good for business), despite claims that it is against the rules.

Ragnarok Travels features official mechanics, we mean it no multi-clienting, no donation gear, and an episodic release schedule that allows you to experience the awe-inspiring progression of the game. Ragnarok Travels strives to be the most pure rendition of Ragnarok Online ever offered, and is committed to providing the authentic journey you never had but wish you did.

• Currently Episode 7 - Legend of the Lost Village
• Official-like emulation that isn't run on rAthena or Hercules emulators for a more authentic, true to life Ragnarok Online experience.
• Complete and total multi-clienting ban, giving players a sense of community. No more wondering if someone you run into is a slave or bot. It will always be a real human.
• Powerful, seamless in-house security created just for our players.
• No donation gear.
• Episodic progression, stopping before renewal.
• No game breaking/ruining commands or NPCs like @autoloot or job changers.
• Episode 8 coming soon!

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Good luck on your search!

Hi there.

Check out retRO online on the low rate list here on RMS:


Rates are 1/1/1, the server is modeled after the classic euRO server and it really revives the good old times :)

There is absolitly no dual clienting.

At the moment it is Episode 5 with episodic skills, quests, Monster stats/ spawns and a official episodic release. Tomorrow Episode 6 will be released.

No donation what so ever, so no pay to win.

Come join us :)

Why not give a server a try that doesn't attempt to ban dual-clienting, but rather attempts to address the reason dual-clienting feels necessary in the first place?

Asgard Legend's goal is to revisit RO and address issues at their core rather than taking a quick-n-easy approach that doesn't actually address the issue nor work. Sure, you can slap a ban on multi-clienting and be done with it, but as anyone who has played on these servers knows, people just whip out a second old PC to bypass it. Instead, actually take a look at why people want to dual-client in the first place and alleviate that need. You don't need to ineffectively try to ban dual-clienting if there's no benefits to running dual-clients.

For just one example of many ways this is accomplished, players don't need to dual-client for Increase AGI's faster movement speed if all players have an inherently faster movement speed and Increase AGI's effect is changed so that it doesn't increase movement further.

I know this isn't a discussion topic, but based on this response here...

--- Quote from: Neffletics on May 02, 2021, 01:34 pm ---We have no way to check that without violating their privacy. So we just trust that they don't.

--- End quote ---
You have no way of checking if someone has two PCs or not and it's not uncommon for people to have multiple PCs. In my opinion, it's futile to try to ban multi-clienting because there are tons of ways around it, let alone a decent chunk of people just having access to 2+ PCs anyway.

I can tell you that at Asgard Legend, we don't ban dual-clienting; however, most players just run one client when they play because we've addressed issues at their core such that there's no need to run multiple clients in the first place. Give it a shot and see!

Like the ^reply, that's why in new Limit Ragnarok server, we have 1 PC = 1 Client restriction by Gepard :D

Makes it much easier and more clear.

Tbh, many server rules of many servers are quite conflicted practically.


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