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Author Topic: LF> A server that started not too long ago (not 2+ years) LR starting from 5x~  (Read 933 times)

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Offline Daresair

Hello, im looking for a LR that has about 5 or more rates, can even be 10 or 20.

More importantly is that the server has no dual clienting so that partying up makes sense again.

just drop them if you know any of these servers.

Popular dosent matter as long as its not 2 people


Offline Neffletics

SolaceRO is not yet 2 years old and we meet all of your requirements:

1. Not 2+ years: Passed (Solace is 1.8 years old)
2. Low rate starting at 5x: Passed (Solace is 7x)
3. No dual logging: Passed
4. "As long as its not 2 people": Passed (we got 2k ave. daily players)

More info: https://forum.ratemyserver.net/low-rates/solacero-classic-ragnarok-with-2-500-players/
www.solaceragnarok.com | The only server worth playing in SEA | Started in December 2019
Pre-Renewal | No Dual Logging | 2,000+ Players Daily | Best Economy | Best WoE