Started by reconcile, Jan 01, 2016, 08:00 AM

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Server info:
Server Environment: Player Kill Environment
Server Type: Pre-Renewal
Server Episode: Episode 11.3 - Nameless Island /w a Twist
Server Jobs/Characters: Transcendent Characters
Server Rates: 100x|100x|25x (MVP Card's are disabled)
Server Max Level: Base - 99 and Job - 70

Server Availability: 10/10
24/7 availability.

There are automated event's such as disguise event, dice event, novice vs zombie, poring catcher that gives 1 iris ticket which can be used in quest shop for headgears, armors, costume and some consumables or you can trade 1 iris ticket into 10 cash points. GM's also held event's like hide & seek, crack the pub.

Every player entertain and guide newbies  /lv. you can actually talk to anyone, this helps the server to grow as the new player's won't be ignored especially by the GM's. And it also give's the GM's more time to monitor everyone because their time is not consumed by answering all those questions. There are 12-15 players online every day

GM's are online most of the time and are easily to reach. Whenever there's a suggestion that can help the community, they implement it right the next maintenance.

Item's not yet in demand,

Guild Competetion
WoE is not implemented yet, as the server is still on it's 1 month old (excluding beta test period)

Overall: 9/10
Can't say much because the server is still on it's early ages. There are still a lot of things to be implemented or changed. But i'm hoping that it will go on as the population is rising.