Heavenly Maiden RO review

Started by CrystalFury, Feb 28, 2010, 11:49 PM

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I have been playing this server for roughly 7 months now so I thought I'd get a review out here so I can share my thoughts :]

First off I'll just say I think it's a really great place which I know I will never leave. On the shorter review bit I really struggled to keep in the character limit, so here is the more detailed analysis:

Stability: 10

It is very stable. I get little or no problems with crashes and such so there's no worries about being interrupted by a crash.

Availability: 10

The server is always up, I don't recall a time it has ever been unavailable. As testament to the availability of the server, I don't think Kenshi (the resident Mr. AFK >.>) has logged out in a few months now :/ :P So it's always there for me to go to :]

Friendliness: 10

There is a really friendly atmosphere and a nice close community. Everybody helps each other out and really are just very nice. There will always be parties going on for leveling or MVP's and such so making friends here is easy. It feels like home to me :3

Eventfulness: 6

Events are being done more as time goes on it seems. At the moment there isn't a lot of players and so often not enough people to make many events worthwhile, so this will be helped when the community grows, but events are still done. There are evil clone events, exp events and varying custom events. The latest i recall was the 'find the right poring' event >.> They are all really fun and usually everyone takes part :)

Game Masters
Friendliness: 10

The GM's are extremely nice and always listen to what you say. They are constantly adding new things like custom headgears and quests, and always take your suggestions into account. Quite simply, if you make a good suggestion that is not too difficult to implement, it will be done! They are very nice people and in no way unfair or corrupt. For committed members they can even give you your own house with your choice of NPC's inside and such. It's really cool :P I have a poring guarding my door, it's so cute :3 But anyways, I can't say anything bad in this section, they really are just awesome <3

Availability: 8

This section only doesn't get a 10 because...well people do have to sleep sometimes and do have work xD When around you can talk to them no matter what. If you need help then help you shall get! If you find a bug or problem (not often) then most of the time it can be fixed on the spot! They are around as much as they can be and always willing to help out :)

Helpfulness: 10

Oops, I think I already answered this one in the previous sections :P In case you didn't get it, they are super helpful and I love them very much :D

Economy: 9

The economy really is fine and everything seems to add up. The only thing I think could improve this is some more players. There is always a market now with vendors selling all kinds and player deals happen all the time, so nothing wrong here xD

Guild Competition: 7

As more people come to the server, guild competition naturally improves. WoE happens 3 times a week and is already a bunch of fun even with the few of us that participate. Currently only 1 castle is open but there is really no need for any more until a stronger player base is achieved. But as it is it's a good laugh with nice rewards if you come out on top :p

Class Balance: 10

I have not run into any balancing issues at all, everything is fine as far as I can see. Everything in the game is made to be fair and I don't know anybody who is unhappy with balancing here :]

Well, that covers every section. I hope you enjoyed reading this review, I got much enjoyment out of writing it as I could show my genuine appreciation for the place :]

Now that that's off my chest, time to play some HMRO!