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« on: Nov 10, 2008, 08:17 pm »
ExploitRO is a server that's somewhat new, been up a few months, and is growing at a decent rate. it's a 4k/4k/2k pk with many customs which are amazing, but the task to do it isn't too easy(made through quests), which balances it out. Classes are altered a little to make it more fair for a 255/120 server. The people are really nice, especially our current GM Exploit. she's listens to people, and actually changes the server to ideas she likes, and it's already happened, and to be exact, a lot of times. It's like a democratic server you can say.

- pvp right now is nice. the people that play currently love to pvp constantly.
- WoE right now has all castles open. In the future though, it'll have fewer castles for a more competitive feel, until more people come.
- economy is kind of like, whatever right now. it's mostly custom for custom since items are generally easy to get.
umm, what else..
- the server is almost always up. It only goes down occasionally when Exploit's internet gets screwy, but that's rare.
- Plenty of events, and i mean plenty. Exploit has a wide range of events to do, as for me xD
player events are allowed, but can only be done with player limitations
- Players always welcome new people, and the experienced as well. If you're ever looking for help, ask anyone around, especially the GMs, Reis, or Wanton( me =D )  we help out the most, with giving out beginner gears to new people, and much more.
- dont have any problems with lag. Some people complain but it's just them.. lol
- GMs are usually on. They do go to school, so they can only be on until a certain time.

i think i covered mostly everything here. i hope to see some people take some time into looking to play this server. it's a nice, friendly pk ^_^

in my opinion, and i'll be honest, unlike those people that say "OMG! BEST SERVER EVER!! 10/10!!!!!1!1!11111!!!!!"
i'll say this server is.. an 8.5/10

also, so everyone knows. Exploit is the founder/admin/event GM. (not including player event holders)

server info:
server is up to WoE SE ( aka WoE 2.0 )

for more info, please go to the ExploitRO Site:

or the ExploitRO Forums:
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