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Where to begin, I don't know where to begin so I'll begin 3 years ago, when it first opened. ;)  Everyone was noob and equipless, but the WoE attendance was still rising noticably.  There was always tons of drama, in-between guilds and sometimes GMs, but that never stopped anybody from running the server well.  Soon guilds were noticable and there were always the enemies and the good guys.  After every WoE, a few hundred people(at least, me being one of them) go to the forums and flame other guilds and discuss how WoE went and post their own screen shots.  It's great, because it keeps the guild drama at its maximum, and provides even more fun for the upcoming WoEs.  Later when people started getting Ghostrings, MVP cards and +9/10 gears and it got really intense.  WoE attendance climbed suddenly from 2000's to 3000's!  At the time, we were comparable to an actual official server (!!) which was exciting for everyone, and poeple still kept on coming.  Euph once made a promo video for everyone that shows how intense euph was, you can still probably find it on Youtube, where people fill your screen up lol (I was also there!  ;D).  EuphRO was at the top for a good 1.5-2 years (I forget exactly)

All in all, the server came to an end because of senseless, and avoidable GM drama.  Naming people or guilds has no point in a thread like this, since it would only lead to flame, so that won't happen. At least the players of EuphRO can say that they stayed in a private server that lasted longer and was more active than any other.  However, EuphRO is back, and within a month EuphRO, it was already competing with the previously top servers.  Now EuphRO has been running for about 8 months or so is apparently, at the top of low-rate private server competition once again, and the player counts are steadily increasing again. 

As far as I remember, the server was always lagless with an exception of odd moments and crashes that get fixed fast anyway.  It wasn't so lagless when it first started, which was yearsss ago anyway, but is lagless now.  There's a donation system that works quite well, and it excludes opportunities for people to become overpowered, as it offers items that don't really affect your game much.  Some items include custom donation hats and auras that don't affect game (only gameplay!) , but nothing imbalanced such as OCA.

There's a lot more to say, but I guess I sum'd it all in a nutshell about EuphRO, for this time we hope to last much longer and become more successful than last time .

Oh and a side note, this is more of an informational thread for people who didn't know about the past and present of EuphRO rather than a "COME JOIN US WE'RE LEET" thread .  Have a nice day!


First as an ex-euphRO player I need to point out that you most likley made a typo, euphRO has been around for about 2 years, not 3. (I was there for the 1 year aniversary and that was about a year ago give or take a month or two.) Second euphRO's WoE's in the end never climbed over 3000, it averaged in around 2500, many beeing @autovend merchants.

But yes the WoE's was intence, as former member of one of the top guilds (which one dosn't matter..) I agree the WoE's was intence, two hours saturday and two hours sunday of defence and offense was insanley fun. (and ended up beeing quite expensive in the long run XD) I mean when you're having fun even just doing defence, then you know you're having godo WoE's.

Even if I admit I laughed like hell when hte map server crashed from an overload when around 6-700 pepole where in my guilds castle at once.. funny thing is, we managed to keep it. *grins*

Anyway I just felt like correcting some minor misstakes, and then ended up ranting about old memories.

Also it wasn't just GM drama that caused the server to go down, the whipe technically wasn't nessicary, but going into what happend that day is kind of pointless, and most of the staff is either new or really old, and the admin is hopefully a more balanced person now, so what happend that day isin't really important anymore.

But if I ever were to go back to playing lowrates I just might go back to euphRO, mainly cause I lived for those WoE's, nothing compares to a few hundered pepole ina  castle going crazy on each other.

And I really do recomend hopping onto youtube and searching for "euphRO WoE", you'll see what I mean, the pre wipe WoE's was freakin amazing. =)


yeah you're right! but in the peak week it really did reach 3000! the GMs made an announcement  ;D but yeah my bad, it might have been 2 not 3, time flies and sometimes I lose track  :-[


Weird after I quitted seemed to be every week the server lagged and crashed at woe.  That happened for over 1-2 months.  the no lag thing never been true at euphro as it always went through periods with lag then periods without.


I signed up but its a bad time for me since i'd be playing in the downtimes T_________T


there hasn't been a single downtime for months now (only for updates/bug abuse fix, 15min max), you guys are just looking for reasons to bash euph  ??? lol  last time I lagged @ euph was months ago, and it was fixed


Forget everything that happened in EuphRO before the summer's wipe. The whole server is different. The staff has changed completely. Old EuphRO sucked and the very bad GMs of it are now in UnityRO. Euph is much better than before.


Quote from: Random_Hero on May 13, 2007, 01:18 PM
there hasn't been a single downtime for months now (only for updates/bug abuse fix, 15min max), you guys are just looking for reasons to bash euph  ??? lol  last time I lagged @ euph was months ago, and it was fixed

Didn't mean that downtime.I ment that the downtime when theres not much people online.