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Offline Izuka

Classic Server Info
« on: Mar 05, 2023, 01:35 am »

I am a user who mainly plays classic servers.

I will review the classic server that exists now.

This is just my opinion.

1. payon stories

This server is a crowded server. There are about 400 people. But there are a lot of bots. There are a lot of bots, so the equipment you buy through vendors is cheap. The party is well active and easy to level up.  This is the oldest server. can only 1 client. However, many people use priest buffs and Endow element sage with 2-3 clients.

2. ragnagoat

This server is hard to level up in the beginning. However, the number of people is close to 100 and you can enjoy classic games properly. can only 1 client.

3. asura games

This server is a new server that just came out. Even after 10 days since opening, there are over 120 people. you can enjoy classic games properly. same ragnagoat. And the most attractive thing is that PvP is possible on the hunting ground map. can only 1 client.

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