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Author Topic: a list of things a server should have  (Read 21606 times)

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Re: a list of things a server should have
« Reply #30 on: Nov 30, 2011, 04:34 pm »
not all these things are obvious to everyone, and some are debateable or just depend on the type of server you want. there are many kawaiier or more pvmish features that I never thought of.
I'll make it more readable and update when I find the time.

the two most important suggestions for a woe server that NOBODY has done-
  • to counter speed hacking, implement serverside delays on: sonic blow, arrow vulcan, arrow shower, ganbantein, kaupe, kaite... this is probably the only way you will stop speedhacks, all the anti-hacks fail. do this, get and people will literally run away from servers plagued by this- to yours. its rumored that speedhacks also create massive lag with harmony on everyone onscreen who is not using it
  • give support for ahk instead of trying to ban it. its NOT the same thing as speedhacks as it keeps players from breaking their fingers which, trust me, is MUCH more enjoyable. theres nothing you can do to stop macros. the strongest guilds always use this, so public support would level the playing field and give upstarts more of a chance. do this in combination with harmony or similiar, so that if a bad script spams too many times per second (using up more net traffic) they get autokicked

the three most important game balance changes that GMs are afraid to touch because they don't understand game balance-
  • Cut the effects of the worst mvp cards in half, instead of disabling them. gtb(remove magic immunity, only grant dispell immunity), incantation, fbh, ghostring, thanatos (-30% demihuman is enough)... they will still be the best things out there, but won't be so strong new competitors will be afraid to join your server
  • make all homunculus, or at least all vanilmirths, demi-human. besides already being too strong, they do 3x damage against anyone who needs the regular battlegrounds sets. for people who need these sets, fighting a robotic servant that automatically oneshots them the instant they get in caprice range is not fun. instant emoquit worthy. even more rediculous with bard songs and creator attacking. if you still have doubts watch this video. ThothAI Vanilmirth Demonstration.mp4
  • make kaite reflections hit the caster's devo instead of caster. when kaite goes through devotion, its instant death for the magic user- all except for for wizards. this will add more fun, variety, and competition to your bg/woe enviroment. some people want to use magic and don't want to play wizard.


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Re: a list of things a server should have
« Reply #31 on: Dec 02, 2011, 11:18 pm »
Don't agree with everything, but this topic actually has great tips imo. Will benefit with some of them myself. Thanks~

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Re: a list of things a server should have
« Reply #32 on: Dec 03, 2011, 05:37 pm »
And I found today that is possible to get some "cool effects" by just using older exe versions lol Not gonna tell which ones or how but it seems that some older versions of the exe get some cool stuff when being used on some servers ;)

Admins should get some sort of check on this too[I know how easy this can be bypassed too but still is never bad to get one] =p

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Re: a list of things a server should have
« Reply #33 on: Dec 03, 2011, 09:30 pm »
Wow this kinda helped me as an administrator of a new private server. Thanks for the information. Hope this thread can help more people.

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Re: a list of things a server should have
« Reply #34 on: Dec 08, 2011, 08:55 pm »
Ignoring the people with the obvious "qq tldr plis make it smaller" post, there should be a rule, don't read, don't post. But I digress.

I agree most if not all of the suggestions you wrote here. And its good too see that the servers above my post are looking into it and taking it into consideration instead of say "lol u wrote alot."