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Author Topic: Corrosive Games (Crush)  (Read 5251 times)

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Re: Corrosive Games (Crush)
« Reply #15 on: Dec 05, 2011, 06:29 pm »
Eh... just saying that the server is far from "kawaii". And no I haven't posted this in the advertisement forum. I'm not trying to advertise the server I'm trying to discuss custom servers (Crush in particular) being overlooked.

As for adjusting existing classes... I'll give you an example:
The Shaman is a class that uses the power of Voodoo (creating up to 5 Dolls of one type or 5 Totems at a time) of either the Psychic, Ice, or Electric element. Based on the preference of the person they can choose their element that they want to focus on and learn skills which work towards increasing the damage that their dolls, party members of the same element, etc. So if I were to play as a Psychic Shaman and I learned the Hardened Mind buffs, I'll increase my Psychic damage by 10% plus another 10% towards my party members, dolls, and totems. On top of this Shamans also have the ability to alter status ailments. So think of bleeding (a status effect that people tend to ignore since its "pointless" in high rate servers) altered by the Shaman ability to turn it into "Heavy Bleeding" which deals more damage than bleeding alone.

High damaging classes have huge delays and downfalls which require the assistance of other classes. No one class can do everything. HOWEVER... in normal RO people flocked to Assassin Cross because it was an easy to use class which deals high damage and suffers almost no penalty. This server made something like it called the Berserker. A class which deals high damage with no penalty. That is probably the only thing I hate about the server (aside from the horrible Slayer class which makes absolutely no sense to use.) So in regards to "its just the same thing"...yeah its not.

If there is in fact a DigimonRO then please, send me the link as it would probably be the most epic server  yet. I love Pokemon and all but... Digimon takes the cake.


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Re: Corrosive Games (Crush)
« Reply #16 on: Dec 05, 2011, 06:59 pm »
Haha haven't heard about a digimonRO.

Yeah I was gonna say, I don't think from what i've heard Crush is a 'Kawaii' server.  Ah well I was just suggesting if you liked the server and wanted to promote it I would def to a review or advertisement, might get more people interested.

Shaman class seems neat, I mean the concept of customized classes is neat to a point.  But I personally just wouldn't go for it, mainly because I like the current RO classes and don't feel there needs to be anymore.  But I understand that people love customized servers because, well, its something new but old at the same time.  (  If that makes sense. ) 

One of the reasons that Customized servers are over looked is cause a lot of people like RO for how it is.  Or just custom classes is beyond them ( like I Said about 3rds, they're official but a lot of people still don't like them. )  Also the fear of them being horribly imbalanced.  :s

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Re: Corrosive Games (Crush)
« Reply #17 on: Dec 05, 2011, 08:07 pm »
There was but died. They wanted to do what PokemonRO team[dunno the correct name] is making but with Digimons. The page still is at eathena forums.

Also, Urev, most of people don't like customs because of the unbalance :v Even you said the same for the Berserker[and that reminds me a lot the Barbarian at Diablo 2 loool]. RO may not be perfect but adapt t something that is around for years is fine, something that is like new = hard when it just f*cks every single meta game.

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Re: Corrosive Games (Crush)
« Reply #18 on: Dec 05, 2011, 08:25 pm »
sounds to me more like fate stay night xD

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Re: Corrosive Games (Crush)
« Reply #19 on: Dec 06, 2011, 12:16 am »
sounds to me more like fate stay night xD
if you ask me thats a much better basis for a server than pokemon or digimon :P