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Author Topic: Ro-Inception - Rebirth release January 7th 2022 - Rate x15 x15 x10  (Read 995 times)

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Offline Shakto

« Follow the story of Ragnarok Online, chapter after chapter »

The server will start at Episode 8.3 and will update chapter after chapter following the official history of your favorite game.

Website : https://ro-inception.com/
Wiki : http://ro-inception.com/wiki
Discord : https://discord.gg/Z9vVuu4n2n
Youtube video of WoE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzANXsgINL4

You can find all information of this server here : https://ro-inception.com/infos/

Why would you join this server particularly ?

  • As an ancient staff member of the emulator (rathena), i'll be able to provide the best gaming experience you can expect here.
  • Wipe is an unknown word, there will never be a wipe
  • No cheating GM, no bots. This server is protected with Guepard and all actions of GM team will be logged and followed
  • Stability of server : monitored and auto reboot in case of problem detected


As said upper, this server has been made for Ragnarok players who didn't' play for long and want to discover step by step the new content provided by the game or for and for nostalgically players.

As thus, you'll be able to grow at your own pace and explore all facets of the game.

The main language is English, but we welcome all player communities and special channels has been made for them in discord

Pay to win ?
No and never, the cash shop only contains costumes with no stat bonus and few consumables as a reset item, avoiding xp penalty during 30 min and so on...
You can get free points by voting for this server and help it to grown. It's a win-win trade.

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