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Author Topic: OathRO - [1/1/1 Rebalanced Server]  (Read 1207 times)

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OathRO - [1/1/1 Rebalanced Server]
« on: Sep 13, 2021, 12:27 pm »

Server Introduction
Thank you for taking the time to read about OathRO. OathRO is a new low rate server based on Episode 3 that includes some quality of life changes to modernize the player experience, while maintaining the nostalgia of the original game. The objectives and primary goals of our server can be read about here: https://oathro.com/?module=main&action=about

Rebalancing Experience
The server has 1/1/1 rates but all monsters have been recalibrated to reduce the variance between monster difficulty and experience rewarded. While many other servers use official rates, at OathRO, we decided that the official experience rates do not provide a full experience of what the game has to offer. Too often, mobs are completely ignored because they do not provide a balanced amount of experience compared to other mobs of similar difficulty. The result of this rebalancing is better explained in my extensive post over on the OathRO forums here: http://oathro.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4-rebalancing-the-monster-database/&tab=comments#comment-4

Certainly, the rebalancing efforts are a defining feature of the server that will be available from launch and will be adjusted from time to time to improve the player experience. We want all players, all classes, and all builds to have options in their leveling, and the rebalancing systems is one such method that will accomplish this. Additionally, we have moved some mobs to provide a more accommodating progression of maps that people can choose in which to level. No longer will low level maps be plagued by hunter flies and other mobs that were added just to lazily combat botting. Those mobs are of course in the game still, they have just moved to more level-appropriate maps.

Quest Integration
Our server's other primary goal is to include extensive quest integration in time. Separate from simple quests that result in a rewarded headgear that exist in the game, we want to develop new quests that will provide players with rich worldbuilding, attachment to NPCs that have unique character to them reflected in their writing and the plots they are involved with, and also experience rewards. The last point is especially important because we are a low rate server that is mostly based around 1/1/1 rates. While increased rate events will likely happen, we want players to feel a sense of progression through questing that requires players to hone their skills, party with their friends, and accomplish objectives that deviate from the normal MMO grind that plagues many servers. We hope to show off some of these quests on official launch.

Primary Server Details
Below is a quick summary of all of the primary features of our server. Note that OathRO will always consider new features that increase the entertainment factor of our server, so long as those additions stay true to the nature of the game. For more information about the server, visit: https://oathro.com/?module=main&action=features
  • Base Rates: 1/1/1 (Rebalanced)
  • Maximum Level: 99/50
  • Maximum Stats: 99 (including Baby Classes when implemented)
  • Maximum ASPD: 190
  • DEX Needed for Instant Cast: 150
  • Jobs Available: First Jobs and 2-1 Jobs (2-2 to Be Added)
  • Passive HP/SP Regeneration Rate: 200%
  • Dual Clienting: Disabled
  • Security: Gepard Shield 3.0
  • MVP Cards: Enabled
  • Sign Quest / God Items: To be Added Later

Server officially launched September 23, 2021. We look forward to seeing you!
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