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Server Reviews / Re: YanisRO (1/1/1) - a Player...
Last post by Khinaya - Feb 12, 2024, 01:09 PM
I love Yanis and I do recommend it. Can vouch that people are friendly even if there are some people in the community who are a bit meanspirited towards non-meta for no reason. They're still willing to help out if you can tolerate their colorful personalities. Economy is nonexistent though they are willing to trade. At some point, the community grinded just to give out VVS for free.  /heh

Akieros is a very good moderator with lots of in-game experience if you need help building up a specific character. He's very quick to respond if you need assistance.

Sadly, I had to quit because something happened and I am not sure what exactly causes it. There was a small QoL update. A completely harmless update. My desktop started to freeze every two minutes and then crashing without warning when YanisRO was up. I thought it was my computer malfunctioning. I tried a few other privates to test if it persisted. It was indeed the client. It made me so frustrated that I left without even saying goodbye.

I'm not opposed to trying it out again. I just hope whatever happened stops so I can actually grind(and not suddenly stand still and get killed  /swt )
Server Discussion / Re: Project Alfheim is back
Last post by bigx - Feb 12, 2024, 12:04 PM
You're right - I don't know what's involved with running a server. I'm just a player who's consumed your product and is giving feedback to the best of my ability.

Hopefully more folks find the server because it's a ton of fun, just needs to find some spring again.
Server Discussion / Re: Project Alfheim is back
Last post by charlielovesu - Feb 12, 2024, 10:53 AM
Quote from: bigx on Feb 10, 2024, 10:23 AMNo one is saying that dev work isn't complicated, I'm an engineer myself and wouldnt dare touch RO code. This is about managing expectations and your development roadmap. The server bled population while waiting for this patch and you know it. I hate to play backseat dev but even releasing content in smaller patches (if possible) would've been better than a 6+ month black hole in content.

already stated that yes I was bad at setting expectations due to lack of experience. Alfheim is my first foray into game dev in general or anything of this nature. I own that I definitely am/was terrible at judging how long something would take. In my defense though, all content before Old Glast Heim only took me 3 months at most on the high end and that was only because we ran into client issues that we didn't expect right before release. You just don't realize the scope of what you have planned until you start getting into the nitty gritty of the development. I truly had no idea how painfully slow and tedious doing custom sprites/mobs/maps would be until I did it.

Also, people have a weird perception that because a patch may appear large in the patch notes than it could have been "cut down" and "split up" but the reality is the major patches are usually one thing only that is the central focus.

We have two devs, myself and Ken who work on the server. Ken has limited time but does a lot of the heavy lifting on some of the crazier things we implement. While waiting for him to finish his projects I don't sit on my donkey and will often just continue to add to the updates either through quality of life, or more content that doesn't require Ken to work anymore simply because why not? I might as well try to give the players more rather than do nothing.

It's really just a fundamental misunderstanding of how we have to work given that our dev team is only two people. I'm just not sure what people really expect. Gravity's own updates were sometimes years apart between tiny updates that only released one dungeon.

I'll also say that the black hole in content really isn't what killed the player base. That's also a misconception. The problem was that we literally had to hide the server and had no downloads available, were not on RMS, and people didn't even really know we existed outside of word of mouth. That we maintained 1k+ players for as long a we did is remarkable.

The more recent drop is mostly due to a combination of other issues with the server gameplay wise, and drama between guilds in WOE, mostly perpetuated by delusional players who try to distort reality and review bomb us because they hate a particular person. (hi cat)
Server Discussion / Re: Project Alfheim is back
Last post by iixe - Feb 12, 2024, 01:47 AM
A simple change in live login counter that considers only unique IPs would help against that. Not that it would matter anyway..
Also not sure why someone brings the multi client topic in here again. It is literally the dumbest point possible and far off from the actual problem the server has. Not everything is solved by forcing certain people to interact with each other. In fact that can be even worsen situations by alot.
Server Reviews / Re: YanisRO (1/1/1) - a Player...
Last post by ciaodog - Feb 11, 2024, 11:31 PM
Very nice review /lv I love the screenshots of your journey!

It's been fun playing with you /no1
Server Discussion / Re: Project Alfheim is back
Last post by raynerrrrr - Feb 11, 2024, 09:23 PM
This server WAS good but not so much these days and that is a fact.

The multiclienting is not really an issue, but I guess it does cause some misdirection. You do see 100+ online but it feels like only 15 people are active  /heh
Low Rates / Project Sunshine is coming in ...
Last post by Project Sunshine - Feb 11, 2024, 05:30 PM

Project Sunshine is a long-awaited project that we have been wanting to implement for a very long time. We have used our years of experience with the game to create our own vision and smooth out some of the rough edges. We do not want to change the game from scratch, but rather make it more accessible to the people of today. We have achieved this by making small but effective and targeted changes to the quality of life.

Server Information:
Max. Level: 99/70
Base/Job Exp: 5x
Quest Exp: 5x
Equip Drop: 5x
Card Drop: 5x

MVP Drop: Individual
Mini-Boss Drop: 3x
MVP/Mini-Boss Card: 2x

Server Episode: 11.3 Nameless Island (Pre Renewal)
Max. Clients per PC: 2
Gepard Shield protection 3.0

Max. Stats: 99
Instant Cast: 150 Dex
Max. Aspd: 190
Partyrange: 15 Level (and 10% Bonus per Party member)
Item Card Droprate: 3x (such as Mimic and Mystcase)
Emulator: rAthena
Server location: Finnland

Two things we would like you to know right off the bat:

1. Multiclienting in Ragnarok
In recent years, it has become a trend to enforce singleclient, so that players are dependent on each other and thus make parties together. There are always two factions: "We want singleclient" and "We want unlimited multiclient".
We have opted for the middle ground!
Two clients per person.
This allows you to go on adventures alone, but you are still dependent on the help of others when it comes to lategame content.

2. Bugs, exploits and cheese
Through our two decades of experience as players, we have seen many things and know the problems of the game very well. Unfortunately, we see far too often that almost every server has serious bugs and exploits without them being fixed in time, or ever being fixed at all, thus disrupting the economy and game balance in the long run. This is always off-putting and discouraging, especially for new players.

If you are interested to see what Project Sunshine has to offer, make sure to check us out!  /no1
Server Discussion / Re: Payon Stories has been DEV...
Last post by Lunalepsy - Feb 11, 2024, 06:47 AM
That's some dedication if P2W is still out there lol.
Server Discussion / Re: Project Alfheim is back
Last post by Lunalepsy - Feb 11, 2024, 06:46 AM
There are better RO servers than this one. The whole "multiclient" thing is just an excuse. Excellent game, terrible management.
Server Discussion / Re: Project Alfheim is back
Last post by Kazuki - Feb 10, 2024, 08:45 PM
Tbh, I'll take updates with actual new content we've never received in pre-re (rebalanced of course) that take a while over the typical pre-re server cycle stuff of starting at a lower episode like 5~9 and then slowly releasing the same content we've already replayed over and over for 16+ years now until ep13 and then they get nothing else.

Are there any servers out there even outputting new pre-re content at the pace you want? Even Gravity doesn't update that often, although they're the ones actually building the content from scratch (usually) to be fair. They still have a whole team of people working on it though. I'm sure a lot of dev time goes to their cash shop and new ways to upgrade in order to drive people to the cash shop. :P

Ep13.2, the last pre-re update was released in Nov 2008.
Ep20, the most current episode, was released Mar 2023.

I can't tell you how boring it is to get that RO urge every year and then find yourself back grinding at wolves, high orcs, sandmen, geffenia, etc again for the umpteenth time. The QoL changes on Alfheim and the rebalanced Renewal content I'll finally get to see are stopping me from just leaving RO behind altogether. RO has never been a game with a lot of side content, so I play other games too (Destiny 2, FFXIV, etc.), but Alfheim is where I play RO and it will be the last private RO server I play on. I'm not falling back into the old pre-re cycle again.