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RO Graphic, Coding & Media / New battle woe big match (3 guild war)
« Last post by zero kuma on Yesterday at 07:30 pm »
So good woe  /no1

so many peoples so very good   /no1

we are nice team~!  /heh








Server Reviews / Re: AspenGrove (powertripping admin)
« Last post by niconeitor on Yesterday at 06:01 pm »
I wouldnt have minded too much if they didnt react the way they did, the server has only been up for like 2 days so i understand making mistakes.

My gripe with the situation is that, all it took was 1 guy to get angry at our party to get sent to jail for almost 30 minutes with no warning whatsoever
On top of that, saying "why the fk" is 100% doesnt even come close to be worthy of an indefinite jail, we were all angry for the jail time and reacting with a "what the fk" (not even f***) is 100% an understandable reaction, the fact that you have to bow down and take a knee to the gms so they feel good about themselves is f*** nuts.

Hell, im 100% sure we would have laughed at this event if they reacted in a more humble matter.

This only makes me wonder what would have happened if we actually had our full group of friends playing together in a higher level area instead of just the 3 of us.
Server Reviews / AspenGrove (powertripping admin)
« Last post by 3080Ti on Yesterday at 05:50 pm »
So I was playing with 2 buddies at Dryads (kill quest), we were all dual-clienting each (6 accounts total), which is allowed.

And to be clear all 3 of us really were actively playing (Sniper, Acolyte, Crusader provoking). The GM teleported to us at some point and of course I figure he might be checking us.
But instead, we get thrown into jail out of nowhere.
I @request asking "why the fk did you jail us"?
He immediately tries to tone police me and pretends that saying "why the fk" is some extremely offensive language.
"You should show respect", clearly not powertripping at all, right?

So we had to wait for like 20 minutes in jail until he finally decides to grace us with our presence.

After yet more waiting he finally verifies that we were indeed 3 people playing together, each using only 1 extra client. So he finally let us out of jail, wow.

Well, almost. Instead of having any semblance of humility after jailing people for no reason, he decides to jail me indefinitely for being "very offensive" (the @request DM's were the only thing I said btw).

Yup, saying "why the fk" in response to an unjustified jail without warning, gets you permanently jailed.

On a side-note, he also tried to claim that "sometimes you get jailed automatically" as a damage control. Except, as I mentioned, we literally saw him watching us lmao.

The GM's proceeded to damage control the whole thing on Discord and say we deserved it for being "suspicious", here's some excerpts:

(click to show/hide)
Server Reports / Re: PhaseRO fake server
« Last post by yC on Dec 04, 2022, 03:57 pm »
We have taken care of that, thank you for letting us know.

It is always good to have people watch out for rule breakers on RMS.
Server Reports / PhaseRO fake server
« Last post by Malfis on Dec 04, 2022, 02:51 am »
Might be corrupted GM's aswell in there, no wonder one day server reviews boomed when he offered 150 PODS for review.

here screenshots for PODS :

here fake population, notice one account novice lv99 / 1 job hehehe
General Discussion / Re: EP2 Pre-Comodo Data Consolidation
« Last post by oldinroplayer on Dec 03, 2022, 09:47 am »
Pre-comodo content ... that's ancient.
Yeah, it is this weird nostalgia-driven classic (upto 2-2 jobs only) episodic progression server that a bunch of old timers dreamt up during a virtual get together. Nothing serious, just a casual server for a small group to relive old memories... I'm pretty sure every RO player knows that all too well  /heh

The plan is to start out with the old EP2/Pre-comodo times and move all the way up to EP9 and stop short of Rebirth/Trans classes. Being a casual group, folks don't have time to grind for hours anymore so a 5x-ish slow paced world that'll move to the next "patch" ever few months... and maybe customs such as tweaked versions of quests and mobs for the newer regional maps such as Dewata and Ridge Rock (not sure if that'll require a newer client though).

If Google Code didn't shutdown there might be a few more sources that you could look into.

Just checked some of my old SVN sources ... they all died.

Pretty much my experience with websites and forums from this are all gone. While there's archive.org, it doesn't have complete info and has a lot of missing content. Would really appreciate any leads/links from folks on the forums in this regard... I did find a few posts on the forums, such as the one with EP2 monster stats in CSV format and those have been very helpful. A few other challenges are: a)getting an old client (and I mean a real EP2 era one... without battle mode and all that) has been a challenge too, looks like there just aren't any more copies of these ancient installers anymore. The oldest I could get was a 0923 Rag and RagRE installer. b) getting the clients work reliably and c) getting a old version of eA that'll play nice with these relics of a game client  /heh
RO Graphic, Coding & Media / Need help Browedit3
« Last post by namerpus18 on Dec 03, 2022, 07:44 am »
Hello everyone,

I want to start to learn editing or creating maps but I can't use Browedit2 and I saw this Browedit3 at borf's github and also i can't make it work I have so far running is Browedit 586 but when i try to open a map file it crashes. And this Browedit does not have runnable ".app" and when i tried compiling it using VS it gives me runnable ".Application" but it wont open. Sorry I am newbie to this.
I also tried the tutorial here in forum but i think its to outdated(Or i am just to noob :P)
Thank you, as always

Server Reviews / Ragnafied
« Last post by swordsaintss on Dec 02, 2022, 12:09 am »
I've been playing ragnafied for around 3 weeks. It's a pretty new server that aims for a low rate experience and have a rly nostalgic experience

About the exp:
base rates ares 1,0x, however you can have access to VIP system by basically staying logged in. You get free presence points for hourly presence and can exchange then for vip, which gives you +50% exp. Other method is donating to the server. In the end is pretty easily getting vip for free and constantly

About the episode:
Currently at ep 1 and reaching 2 (or 1.5). So far i'm finding the server experience great as there are things that i didn't remeber/even didn't knew existed or were in a certain way. This new stuff or nostalgia after more than 15 yrs playing ragnarok is simply great.
As far as i know there is a effort to keep maps, loot table and exp table coherent to EP 1 when it was released at the official server.
The admin doesn't want to rush to later episodes that fast, want to preserve the nostalgia.

About the pop:
Pretty low what i found quite comum for a new server and for a EP 1 (quite rare!) as we don't have that many features like 2-2 class and some comum maps for leveling
However community seens great so far and there are always some quite active ppl

About the admin:
Seens experienced which is definetly a good thing in my point of view
Listens to the community, open to sugestions and quickly adress bugs or doubts
eg: Server at launch had a bug with some presence points. The admin wiped the whole server after 3hrs from the start (many wouldn't do this, just erase the bug and let ppl have the bugged itens/benefits)

About customs:
Just some costumes that give a minor exp buff (each gives 5% and u can have a total of 4 of them = 20% buff)
You get one as soon as you log in (so 5% and 15% to go)
They are obtainable by donating or checking in for the daily rewards. They are also obtainable by looting some custom currency from monsters (low drop rate) and exchanging them as if they were donating points. In the end you can get them for free

Enjoying a lot so far. IGN: Sword Saint. Class: Knight. Current Lvl: 75

Low Rates / Re: RO GameFi - No Pay to Win - 3x/3x/5x
« Last post by yC on Dec 01, 2022, 09:20 am »
crypto/NFTs involved servers not allowed. https://rogamefi.com/mint_nft
General Discussion / Re: EP2 Pre-Comodo Data Consolidation
« Last post by yC on Nov 30, 2022, 01:06 pm »
Pre-comodo content ... that's ancient.  If Google Code didn't shutdown there might be a few more sources that you could look into.

Just checked some of my old SVN sources ... they all died.
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