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General Discussion / Re: "RMT Enabled" servers.
Last post by Orange - Today at 04:46 PM
Player to player RMT happens on every single server, at least every one with >100 online.

I quite like the system itself if you look at it on its own, ClashRO(Recently closed server) had RMT tickets where the server owner would keep 10% when you cashed out. There are other games that have enabled RMT in some form(Diablo has done it, its the whole concept behind crypto/NFT games, trading card games and other MMO's)

The best example, while not classic "player to player" RMT I think is Magic the Gathering Online, an actual card game that has a nearly 1:1 online version. You still have to buy booster packs to get cards, you can still trade cards between eachother but "tix" can be purchased for 1 USD from wizards of the coast. They can never be turned back into real money but the economy is large enough to support people always buying them. They get used for event entry which pays out booster packs and such. I would much rather spend $1,000 on MTGO than $100 on Magic Arena(their more recent, functions like hearthstone no player to player stuff client)

Many problems arise when its a small private server, not backed by anything other than "some guy" - Everyone is vulnerable to a "rug pull", once enough $ are in circulation the server owner can just disappear and not honor paying out any of the RMT tickets that people purchased with the deal being that they get ingame items or 90% of their money back at some point. Someone can put $1000 into MTGO and as long as a multi-billion dollar company doesn't randomly shut down a game making them millions of dollars they can almost surely recoup 70-80% of that, someone putting $1000 into a private server is relying entirely on some guys honesty.

It also attracts the "underground" players - For starters servers with this have MORE player to player RMT because the server has more people willing to pay and they have a set price they just need to undercut a little. There is simply more cash floating around, there is a greater incentive to scam, exploit and cheat. Although I love the system I would not recommend server owners do it and don't recommend people to play on servers with it. You can run into legal issues, more scams on the server can get eyes on your server, more so you run into payment processor issues - Lots of chargebacks is the main culprit but the end result is the server owners paypal or actual bank account might get locked down and at that stage they're probably just closing the server instead of dealing with it all.

Doing all that doesn't make your server immune from classic GM corruption or shady RMT anyway, I would never trust "Admin Poring" and noone will attach their real name with a real reputation to a server because of the above, if a server like this started making actual money one day Gravity would come have a look and oh boy is that not a fun time.

tl;dr good concept, impossible to execute well
Server Discussion / Re: What happened to ClashRO?
Last post by Felione - Today at 03:07 PM
I think the name itself put me off of this server. Clash is a mobile title, and their thumbnail also looked very mobile-like. Judging a book by it's cover has some benefits sometimes. :D
General Discussion / "RMT Enabled" servers.
Last post by Felione - Today at 02:58 PM
I'm not very familiar with RMT, or how to find a site where such transactions take place, safely most importantly, but being involved in the black market world (due to an ambitious ex-boyfriend), I can see this become VERY profitable to server owners.

If you look at this closely, it is an easy pay-for-your-gear-and-cards scenario, provided by a GM directly. I understand that players will have the ability to potentially sell a card or an armor upgrade, but a GM can definitely make a more enticing product, one you can directly ask for in terms of preference. This is such an opportunistic window, and I'm sure this is the new standard. As they say, if you can't beat them, join them.

This is of course just an assumption, but seeing as RMT is apparently profitable, and more servers are pushing for P2W, this is a great alternative to that, and one with a definite high value prospect to it. I'm sure mvp cards will go for hundreds of dollars each, which is a fantastic proposition for a private server owner, and knowing the correct avenues of these sites and their communities, can directly benefit a server owner.

So, what do you think about this concept? and do you think server owners would or do already use these types of services to sell items to players? and why would they not, if it's all just for profit?
I personally cannot get into this server because a 1x is far too grindy for me. HOWEVER, I must say that Ragnagoats seems to be a labour of love. The server seems clean, well put together, and is always receiving updates. You can tell the GMs actually care(a rare thing these days, really). If you're a vanilla 1x enthusiast, this one is the one for you.
Server Discussion / Re: Midgard Legends
Last post by yC - Today at 04:09 AM
Server is closed.  Time to close this discussion as anything beyond this point is pure speculation.

The topic itself is a story from a player's perspective, keep in mind that different player might have a different experience.  So make your own judgement based on what is presented.

To anyone that is reporting posts for sharing private chat, our global forum rules will support take down of personal information such as real life photo, phone number, addresses etc.  If there is such, you will need to point out exactly where to look for in your report.  Thank you.

Report Dead Servers Here / Re: demon ro closed?
Last post by yC - Today at 03:24 AM
No idea from just a dead website link, do you have their discord or social media page check for activities?
Server Discussion / Re: Midgard Legends
Last post by ForgotMyOldAccount - Yesterday at 11:58 PM
Quote from: luckyblackat on Yesterday at 10:01 PMwall of text
Seriously, blackat, don't bother. After seeing the attack on a server that isn't even open with unfounded claims with 0 evidence, I'm less inclined to believe 2k2 from the beginning. This guy is unhinged, and while your server has flaws that are as the result of GM negligence(this I will not excuse you from), the rest seems to be unfounded nonsense with not a shred of evidence. The Ragnarok Online community can be toxic and generally unforgiving, but the rewards of actually playing the game and making servers worth forming memories around are incomparable. You seem like a good person, so let me advise you thoroughly:

  • Do not participate in drama. If you do, do it very briefly and reply with facts only. An appeal to emotion is not sufficient.
  • Do not allow any form of toxicity on your server of any kind. Even light-hearted "trash-talk" will escalate. Gamers are incapable of keeping their cool.
  • Thoroughly test everything. ALWAYS assume that gamers will try to break your game. Ragnarok Online is inherently competitive and gamers will destroy your server just to 1 UP their rivals.

Most of all-

  • Have fun. If something or someone bothers you to the point of you quitting development. Ban them, block them, mute them, get rid of them. There is no server without a staff willing to deliver it.

Server Discussion / Re: Midgard Legends
Last post by Orange - Yesterday at 10:40 PM
Quote from: luckyblackat on Yesterday at 10:01 PMFinally, Orange/Island, you are a really weird person and very manipulative, you act like a friendly person, you lie to people in order to try to play a good guy, but in the end you are just as bad as any exploiter

To be clear I did not lie to pretend to be a good guy; I don't justify my actions with anything other than "I wanna have fun" and "I do not like scammers/corrupt servers" - I'm just some wannabe coffeezilla/kitboga if you want to put it that way. You guys telling hundreds of people you checked logs for a month is lying to look like a good guy. You guys saying you'll ban p2w the first time they do something then ignoring them causing a wipe, using slurs in your discord and exploiting on the server for its entire runtime is lying to look like the good guy.

I just want to reiterate that in my 20 year ragnarok online history I have not been banned for exploiting or cheating on a single server, including this one. I have never so much as been tied to an exploit besides dumb things like tanking mi gao's when metamorphesis was in the game. The most serious thing I did on your server was pay 130m for a combat knife and the actual exploiters took it from there. If you are seriously comparing me to the people that actually destroyed your server I am at a loss for words.

I used social engineering to get the RMTers and exploiters to expose themselves because I was dissatisfied with the actions the server itself took towards them.

I'd love to see the code that generated a 96% dragon resistance armor btw.
Server Discussion / Re: Midgard Legends
Last post by luckyblackat - Yesterday at 10:01 PM
Alright, last post hopefully as I just desire to discuss one last thing and move on with life, if you are willing to hear Loki, the person you have been against since day one, and even made soo many posts attacking said person, would you be willing to chat with me 2k2? I think I have been very reasonable with a lot of things, while I can agree lot's of answers I said could have been better, I have not tried to hide, nor save face, nor lie, I'm the ONLY person that tried to hear all sides, even negative ones and understand and discuss about it, in fact I'm the ONLY one that tried to contact anyone to discuss and solve problems, I have done nothing wrong and have no fear of chatting and discussing things with you. I just want to understand what's your vision and reasons behind soo much focus on this server in particular and hopefully solve this out at least.

My discord: luckyblackat

The server is dead/offline and there is no reason for you to care about being found out, but if you do care, feel free to add me with an alt and just show it's you with an SS or something. I really just wanna talk and discuss.

I believe your image of me is not good, but like I said, that's because I was the ONLY person to face things and try to make things right, but I have been going after things even before the server started, I have not just accepted everything as truth, there is also reasons why I left the staff the first time.

Right after the first drama I already contacted Reddit Mods to clear things up, and worked on contacting anyone involved on it to clear things out as ADULTS instead of soo much useless fuzz and drama.

I contacted both ADM and GM from the drama to clear doubts, first one is from said experience time.

Second one was from copied TOS.

And this post already have the balance discussion.
I have done my best to always find the truth in things and be fair to the situation.


For the streamer situation I'm not 100% fully aware of the whole thing or if someone did not get paid/informed, but I do know there is lot's of lies and misinformation in the middle as always.

First, the server had nothing prepared, not even cash itens, cash itself, or prices ready, when streamers joined the had ZERO requirements, and would get for FREE a hat that a sub would get for 30 days for FREE, 25K monthly cash, and I think the coupom/code for 10% of on cash plus the comission.

Said comission being cash or money was confusing for everyone, including me that at the time joined as streamer and a bunch of others, NO ONE, made it clear and there is NO statement on the streamer chat about this, LOTS of information were not even discussed because the Staff was soo broken that when I joined I heard no reunions were made in a long time, this definitly caused confusion but in the end it was decided you could pick MONEY or CASH, soo really the fuzz here makes no sense, even less when the most vocal people got paid as far as I know.

Following that, the cash had zero meaning as there was no cash itens, nor shop, nor price decided, but a big problem was happening, there was lots of streamers and lots not even streaming properly, but almost all of them were enjoying the benefits, including being the only font for visuals during that time, I joined AFTER the cash shop and got 7 subscribers (3 being only for the visual), soo you can imagine at the START how much some got while MOST literaly doing almost nothing, not even streaming! Oh detail, everyone would also get 5 FREE costumes to raffle weekly, not only that the time increased from 30d to 60d on the cosmetic, but that no one complains.

The cash was changed from 25k to 6k when the cash shop was introduced, since it was 1 USD = 1K cash, and the average visual cost 2k-4k cash, since it was too little it was increased to 10k, but thats the thing, literally could have stayed 25k and the costs/price and shop price could have been increased, it makes zero sense to blame this.

For the minimun partnership restrictions, it went up a lot, soo people that would join would at least need to have some clout/numbers to be a partner and get benefits BUT NO ONE THAT WAS A PARTNER GOT REMOVED, this was a way to be fair with those who started early and let them keep being partners.

The biggest change was the requirements, as we had NONE, we asked literaly for people to use the server name on the live and icon/logo, and to stream 32h monthly and post proof, that's literaly it, the deal was even flexible to reduce hours/conditions and the reward/bonus would decrease as well, some people disliked that, but this was put after the first MONTH, soo anyone for the following months could choose to keep the partnership or not. Some people made a fuzz about it and therefore got removed as partnership only works if both sides agree on things and there was a lot of free loader streamers around, you can check yourself there was at some point over 20-30 streamers and only a handful trully streamed, of course as you can imagine most of those that clocked easily 60-100h monthly (like me and others that trully streamed), just accepted it, as it's VERY normal to have conditions for benefits.

I have no screenshots as I left the server/role and lost access, but I'm sure it's all still there on the streamer chat log.
(BTW, it's also not exclusive, soo you could literally stream anything else and even other servers)


As of you saying I defend p2w and protect them and let them free, like I said, I was out, I joined back for 48h, where I also had to sleep and work, I remade the entire discord organization and TOS, plus ticket protocols, everything that was lacking.

I was the ONLY active person as EVERYONE else was already tired and burnedout from everything.
Like I mentioned before I made the first reunion in a call they had for a long time, due to staff being burnedout/broken and disagreeing with each other non-stop.

And I already blamed guilds including p2w and others, as their actions and words were also a part on ruining the server in the last post. Not only that I already admited and agree it was totally our fault as server Staff/Team and our lack of experience and organization.

During all of this I also created a pvp channel to try to make the chat less toxic (at least the main chat soo people could breath) and I did try to be fair and equal to everyone, as well as muting p2w/Reborn. I was waitting for the new TOS/rules/organization to be ready to start doing more actions, but the server died literally 3 days after I rejoined.

To be honest I think I could have done more but I'm also human and was also exausted from work/sleepless, I should have definitly done more bans and even perma bans to some things said and done, I'm sorry about that, but then again, I was trying my best to fix everything I could in 2 days, things that definitly should have been ready and set even before the server started, and EVERYONE in the staff is to blame for the lack of direction, synergy and organization. That includes people who left and stayed. No one is a "saint/innocent".

And just to make it clear I'm being human/nice and discussing with reborn, not because he is from p2w, but because that's how I work as a person and think we could have solved it all being more open and chatting, this is the case of someone I ended up causing trouble, just to share an example on how I like to talk/handle things.

Just a side note, I still think with or without guilds/p2w the server would be doomed due to lack of experience, staff internal problems, and dupes/bugs, as this would lead here anyways.

As one extra note to you 2k2, there is no way those posts are quick, this took soo many hours I do gotta admire how pretty your posts look compared to mine tbh.

I'll hopefully not comment here anymore and move on with life with old and new friends to do new things and have fun, however I still hope you do contact me to talk things out, I swear I'm quite fair on dealing with things, I do am very passionate tho.


Finally, Orange/Island, you are a really weird person and very manipulative, you act like a friendly person, you lie to people in order to try to play a good guy, but in the end you are just as bad as any exploiter as you are just another ignorant cheater, I contacted you to solve things, hear your side and show mine, human touch that you lack, empathy, and more important try to understand your actions and solve things out.

You took everything and assumed I was paid to be depressive, how delusional you gotta be to believe something like that?

The reason I was sad was due to how things turned out after months of free time and effort being put to end like this, not only that I felt terrible for anyone that invested time and even donated, and felt s*** myself for also doing both of that.

The reason I magically turned happy again, is I sleept, took a break to think and rest, I was doing everything in power to help the server in the 48h I joined back, I dealt with drama, chat, dms, tickets, organizing the discord, I have been doing that and trying to help the server since day one, and that was slowly making me depressive as even putting effort things were returning terrible results and taking lots of time away from me being with family and even more from my friends and boyfriend that missed me lots.

In case you think I don't care about the people in the server and friends that I made.

After I left for the second time I was feeling trully terrible and sad, but I was not expecting to receive soo much support and love from friends that I made in this last month, this turned my mood entirely.

Soo that day I played with some olds friends Lethal Company and had a blast, I had forgotten how fun some co-op stuff can be as I had been soo focused on doing this for FREE and using my free time.

Not only that, I have a life, a job, bills, family and people to take care, I cannot let myself get depressive for a weirdo online, life is bigger then RO and you. I'm done with YOUR games, you are no hero as you think, you are a sad individual stuck in a 20yo game abusing explioits from decades playing it and looking for things to fullfill that void inside you. There are other ways to be happy, hope one day you find something that don't hurt others for your enjoyment.
Report Dead Servers Here / demon ro closed?
Last post by grubbykitty - Yesterday at 09:35 PM
I was playing this server, last played in November few days back but since couple of days not connecting and their website also isnt loading

this one? is it dead? should I delete the folder?