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Author Topic: IdunRO | Pre-renewal | 1k/500/500 | 255/70 | Low rate aspects  (Read 1618 times)

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Offline Idun

IdunRO Grand Opening 2022 | Pre-renewal | 1k/500/500 | 255/70 | Low rate aspects

Hello everyone! My name is Idun and together with Bragi it's our pleasure to invite you all to IdunRO's grand opening!

-Our mission
IdunRO is a new High-Rate server that attempts to bring the classic feel of Ragnarok Online back to it's former glory. With extensive and grindy quests to PvP and roleplay aspects alike.
IdunRO has tons of custom features that will enhance the classic feeling of RO and will breathe new life into our beloved classic game!

We might be a highrate server but we strife to give a true feel of progression throughout all stages of the game, from leveling to getting your first gear all the way to progressing your gear to end-game levels.
IdunRO is not a server that just hands everything to you, leveling and questing will take some time but will feel rewarding in the end. Luckily you don't have to do it on your own! We have aimed to be very welcoming to solo players and party players alike, with enhanced experience based on party size and mob-tagging, relatively large share range and party-wide functional items such as our campfire (Heals all allies around the fire including yourself) grouping up has never been more tempting! Solo players also should not fret , with our daily login rewards, daily hunting quests and our guide/butler npc's solo players should also be well on their way to start their journey!

PvP also plays a large role in IdunRO. We are a PK server from character level 200 and up. We want PvP to be balanced and fair, therefore we do not accept any donations on IdunRO so there are no 'pay2win' items. Cash is only obtainable through events, mvps and other in-game methods. We've also included Gepard 3.0 with anti-macro to prevent macros ruining the pvp experience.

We have implemented several roleplay features such as the @me command, Fishing scripts, cooking scripts, bars & taverns & Farming scripts. Player housing is also in the pipeline.

Below some more info:

-General Server Info
+ Pre-Renewal
+ RATES: 1000x/500x/500
+ MAX LEVEL: 255/70
+ MAX STAT: 199
+ MAX ASPD: 194
+ PK MODE: From Level 200

-Base adjustments
+ Buffed HP on all mobs
+ @warp disabled (Warper implemented to towns/level 1 fields and level 1 dungeons)
+ Storage reachable through kafra & kafra passes (outside of WoE/PvP maps)
+ MvP mobs that normally require a quest spawn normally
+ MvP rewards dropchance adjusted
+ MvPs have been significantly buffed to match our rates keeping them a challenge
+ Kiel card limited to 1 card working at a time. Effect changed to 50% after cast delay reduction.

-Server Features
+ Full gepard 3.0 including anti macro
+ Complete custom launcher
+ Dual client enabled
+ Progressive gear system
+ Daily quest npc
+ Daily login rewards
+ Floating/Rigged Rates system
+ Custom Automated events
+ Custom Newbie area
+ Custom Main town
+ Custom BGMs
+ Custom Stylist / Dressing room
+ Custom Cooking scripts
+ Custom Fishing scripts
+ Custom Campfire script
+ Custom Quests
+ Custom butler NPC
+ Custom PvP room
+ Adjustable target dummy
+ PvP and MvP Ladder system
+ Shared zeny account wide!
+ And many many more !

Planned features:
+ HD pack
+ Personal housing
+ Garden system (Update: Has now been implemented!)
+ Raids (Update: Endless tower has now been implemented! More will follow!)

Player commands:

General commands:

Custom commands:
@resist (shows all current elemental resistance of your character)
@afk Allows you to log off the client but keep your character in game with afk sign
@spb Enable/disable showing buffs of partymembers in the party menu
@command Opens menu with all our commands and explains each command
@id 'itemid' allows you to look up the 'rightclick' description of any item in the game
@dressroom Opens our custom dressroom so you can find and select the look you want before talking to the npc to finalize the look.
@killcounter Allows you to track how many mobs you've killed
@alootid2 Allows players to set up autoloot lists and save them. The lists can then be manually loaded or automatically loaded on login.

Host Location:

Proxies will be added a bit later on for the following regions:

Cash shop:
-IdunRO does not accept any donations
-Cash points only available through in-game activities

Interested? Visit our website at:

or join our discord at:

IdunRO awaits your arrival !
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