Need a DOUBLE DAGGER build for a SINX!

Started by mister_payaso, Nov 05, 2012, 12:02 AM

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High rate server 255/120 max stats:255

Need the weapon only!

My weapons are: RightHand = +10DesertWind(Thana,TG,TG,Doppel) Left Hand = +10 Orcish Axe(SK,TG,Hydra,Hydra)

Str: 254 +26

Agi:125 +33(Dont need a high agi because doppel on this server got a 196 atspd w/ or w/o an agi and most of the players here got a HIGH HIT!)

Vit:115 +14(Don't need a high vit because of the thana/acid/icepick)


Dex:180(Need dex for the HIT)


any better suggetions need help!

thank you! /no1


Well, this is just my experience and my knowledge about the game and Assassin Cross. I have been away for 5 months now.. I'll give it a try. Remember one thing practice makes you better, experiment and try and try till you find a build that suits you best. If you haven't already, learn to switch weapons, armours and garments during a battle.

Dual dagger build requires less Agi to achieve Max ASPD, where as you can switch Off-hand dagger to an Axe or a Sword to get better Attack, but needs more Agi to achieve Max ASPD.

Str- 230~ (including bonus part) cap your Str around 220 to 230, because the attack you get is less significant for the amount of stats points that goes to make 255
Agi- Enough for 195/196 aspd (I never use Dopple card FYI)
Vit- 120
Int- 100 (That is base int 99, if you plan on using Amon ra Card on foot gear)
Dex- 150 ( For enough Hit)
Luk - 1 ( I hope you ain't a Crit SinX)

The Gear basically depends on Custom items available on your server, hence I will just brief you on weapons

Are Desert Winds [4] available there? Get a couple of these

+10 Desert Wind [4] [TG] [TG] [HY] [HY]
+10 Desert Wind [4] [SKC] [VRC] [Phree] [Thana]
+10 Orcish Axe [4] [TG] [TG] [HY] [HY]  (if you plan on using this always use Axe on Off-Hand or else you wont trigger Double Attack)
+10 Orcish Axe [4] [TG] [TG] [Phree] [WSC]

Are Valor (BG) Weapons available there? If yes, you must get Valarous Assasin's Damascus ( Wonder Weapon for Dagger SinX ).

If you could let us know whether Naght Blades are available, I could help you more depending on what stuff your server has.

I used this stat build ( Including custom item bonus)

Str- 220+40
Agi- 180+22
Vit- 123+10
Int- 100+6
Dex- 133+17
Luk- 1+14

Thank you.

@ Triper Sir, I lost the link to your wonderful powerful RO Calculator, would be you kind enough to provide me the link ?