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My stalker Build (on a mid rate sever)

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A build for one of my severs. my main (bow rogue) is far from rebirth but im planing ahead from level 99 base 70 job. the extra 20 levels may go to vit or dex if possable.

here it is.


(If it was in here it would look crappy)

Any ideas for improvments?

Build verson 2 (More vit, less dex, Not alot of agl and some int)
Normal stats
str: 1
agl: 25
vit: 90
int: 50
dex: 90
luk: 1

theif skills
Double attack: 10
Improve Dodge: 10
Steal: 10
Hide: 10
Envenom: 8
Detoxify: 1

Stalker skills
gank: 4
mug: 4
Backstab: 5 (causes 500%)
stalk: 5
Sightless Mind: 5
Divest skills: max (thats sheild, helm, armor and weapon)
Snatch: 5
Intimidate: 10
Stealth: 5
Full Divestment: 5
Preserve: 1

Hows that so far?

On what type of server do you play (rates)?

You don't need Double Strafe. Preserve it from PvP. Saves you skill points.

35/50/30 is the rates of my sever and im keeping Double Strafe. Preserve isnt realy my thing.

Question. is the image quallity fine or should i make it better quality?

its a bad build to be honest. dex should always finish up being a multiple of 10. 117 dex wont give much more dmg than 110, and u must remember that points over 90 are very expensive to get, so unless u can get 3 more dex from equip (apple of archer? zerom card etc) u will be better off with 92+18, then you can spend more points on vit. also flee builds arent particularly good for pvp: crits, magic, dex, phreeoni card users will kill u in seconds. also doppel card? im assuming this build is meant to be for pvp. in which case u want to be aiming to make triple bloody boned composite or other such pvp bows. remember double strafe does about 4x damage of aspd dmg, and stalkers have terrible aspd with bows. if u are going for a strafe rogue personally i think a dex and vit build is far better, then maybe some points in int so u can out SP your opponent, or str to carry lots of pots if they are allowed in pvp. just a few thoughts on my opinions :D equip wise if you are going for a aspd stalker then u may want to look at trying to get a morrigans set. the extra crits and perfect dodge are good :) of course there are manymany ways of playing a stalker, they are very versatile. hopefully you will have a reset npc on this server so u can try out lots of builds to find the one that suits you.


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