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I dont know if this is the right section or it should somewhere in guide request ( if it's there ) but I wanted to know the equipment for having really high flee on my Sinx, about 400+. I play on a 100x midrate with max level 99/70 so its more of a pvp based server. Also there are very few customs and many headgears are available from the list provided on RMS and no honey pastries or extra accessories listed on RMS

Currently I manage upto 387 but I've seen people cross 400 without the pastries

If anyone wants I can share my equipment info so that one may suggest what I should add

EDIT: i searched for flee in the forum and did find a topic but i did not understand this part "15 slotted windarmor + whirlwind 5" from an earlier post. Is this supposed to mean the raging typhoon armor[1] with the whirlwind skill? I tested on rms but the armor had no effect on flee at all

What about factoring in buffs as well as equipment? Increase AGI would push it near 400, wouldn't it?

yes normal buffs do count as we have a buffer here provide blessing, increase AGI and assumptio
and that 387 was with the increase AGI

Wind Walk/Walker adds 5 flee on lv 9 and 10.

A 90 AGI Bard's Whistle Song should work wonders on any flee character, as well as an Armor of Zephyrus within Violent Gale.


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