How to 1Hit SB Wizard and HP in Biolab 3 Help

Started by goldfiner, Apr 06, 2017, 07:16 AM

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So i have a Sinx in low rate server and i see some sinx in youtube jst 1 hit the normal wizard and priest mobs in biolab 3 and try it out but cant 1 hit them. my current equipment is bapho horn, angel spirit, gscarf, +4 Bloody infil, +9 Superior shoes, 2x Ring of Muscle. and still i cant 1 hit them it sucks can u suggest builds or add on my item. thanks sorry for bad english


On some servers, non-self Assumptio does not work on monsters. Is that your case? If not, it's really hard to oneshot HW (but possible).
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try getting +5 str food and if you can get a bloodied shackle ball + shackles and use cursed water for shadow element, also make a linker and have your platinum skill unlocked you should be able to one shot em


Did you try walking up to them, and convincing them life isn't worth living and leaving an edp for them?


As already stated.
Soul Link, EDP, Cursed Water since it'll let you hit HW's and do more damage on HP's.
130~140str deppending on your setup, if you hit 130str or can't go for 140, try a Masquerade instead of Angel Spirit.