Build for high PD+high attk+high def sinx

Started by iostream007, Jan 04, 2013, 05:17 AM

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Hello guys,

Need your ideas and suggestions for a very complicated sinx build

I need my sinx with following feature:
1. High enough Perfect Dodge
2. High attack for Sonic blow. I also have doppels so adding a high aspd build wont be a problem
3. High def : because High PD + High def = you know right  /gg

Thanks in advance !


DEF is useless most of the time except if you need the refines for some extra effects. Learn to swap gears most of the time.
Doppels are useless if you want dmg, you're just killing the higher dmg that you could get with it.
PD doesn't mix that well with a SINX that wants high dmg, you will sacrifice dmg for PD most of the time so, unless it's a CRIT SINX, and it's still bad, PD added there is meh because some of the survive goes to hell.

You don't talk about rates, no info about type of server, no info about gears available, nothing about max lv/stats so help that can be given is limited.

If you want high atk just get a calc and mix gears until you find the highest atk possible or search the tons of topics here about sb type sinxs and adapt to your gameplay, there are few differences from that.