How make a solid build of Sonic Blow for Sinx

Started by 14harold90, Sep 19, 2012, 11:33 PM

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Hi Guys, please help me on how or what is a solid build for sinx using Sonic Blow type?

Items used..
Stats used..
Cards used..

by the way, I'm playing private server of ragnarok that has 255/150 in base level.

Please advise.. thanks in advance.



Not my specialty, I assume you talking about pre-re?  Maybe check out some of the writings

Moving this to the sin/job section.


You may want to add if the server has god items and what they do or custom weapons or customs.


I cannot give you exact stats if you are going for Pure SB build then you definitely want a One Hit KO

so invest in this order : str > dex (you dont want to miss!) > luk (gives attk power) > agi (helps you survive noob low dexers) > vit


Upper HG - Alice doll
Middle - sunnies[1] with vanberk
Lower - gangster scarf (if available)

Note - use zealotus mask if available

Armor - diab armor with porcellio. Or 2nd option is valk armor
Katar - infil[1] with skel worker or thana (if available) or TG (if available) . Use phreeoni (if available) agaisnt agi types
Garment - diab mantue with raydric or aliot if defending.
Shoes - +9 diab boots with firelock soldier ( if you can refine to +9), else use green ferus card.
accessories - 2x bradium rings with mantis cards / vesper core 02

Dont forget to use element converts!