[Renewal] Farm-Rogue: what to do to maximize farming/looting potential?

Started by SirMaoh, Jul 07, 2017, 03:06 AM

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Hey everyone :)

I came back to RO after a long time, haven't played for 10+ years. Because I had to start with nothing, I decided to do a rogue first, to get additional loot via gank. I'm not interested in PVP with this character, his primary task will be getting worthy loot as fast as possible. If he could also do some MVPs, that would be nice too. I Also got a Merchant already that can buy me and sell my stuff.

What I did so far:

Lv. 73
Str. 60
Agi. 80
Dex. 46

Double Attack 10
Improve Dodge 10
Steal 10
Envenom 10
Hiding 8
Detoxify 1

Gank 10
Sword Mastery 10
Stalk 1

1.) What skills should I get next? What skills are the most useful for my goal?
2.) I got the second Eden dagger so far, planning to get the third one shortly. What should I get next? Elemental Damascus?
3.) What healing items should I buy and where?
4.) what are good exp/money farming places? I know about poison spores/stem and alligators so far.

I know the rogue can't really do AoE attacks, but I like them. I really like to get this muffler thingy which grants me greed. A creamy card / teleportclip and a hunterfly card for heal / self sustain is on my wishlist too. Haven't played for 10+ years though, there probably is stuff that's way more useful for my goal?

Help would really be appreciated :)

PS: I'm playing on a renewal server (fRO)


Hmmm. So you are playing on a Renewal Setting? I've played in Renewal once. Try getting Fire Bomb of Ranger when you're already a Shadow Chaser (am I right? Lol) then farm in Magma Dungeon level 2. Quad Hunterfly Maingauche is a must. If your server has Greed Skill, the better. U lure & mob monsters in Magma Dun 2 then trap them so your Hunter Fly cards can 100% heal you. Be careful though.


Actually I'm still just an ordinary rogue at lv.90 :)

With "Firebomb of Ranger" you mean I should copy the skill via intimidate / plagiarism (whatever its called)? I've never used the skill before and I don't get it so far. Why is it a passive? Does it automatically the last skill used on me?

Greed is available on this server, REALLY expensive (600 mil) to get though :( I would be glad if I just could 1 hunterfly card for now, they are really expensive too :) So if I would get one, I have to put it in a 4 slotted main gauche and wait for more cards? Putting it into an upgraded Gladius is a bad option?

I'm gonna rebirth shortly, any tips for that? I heard something about doing an eden quest first?