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does dual dagger sin fit for woe/pvp???
then wat type of dual dagger sin would b the best in pvp/woe???
status type(2 quad silence MG /2 quad berate MG), poison type or dmg type(with 2 triple bloody boned MG)???

thanks for the replies !! ^^ :D

There are plenty of SinX guides, please review those before making a topic that has been heavily abused enough.




--- Quote from: finnith on May 28, 2007, 08:35 pm ---http://ratemyserver.net/forum/guides-b/making-a-sinx-in-a-high-rate-server/0/


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I didn't see any  mention of high rate .. Maybe he's working in Max lv.99 and normal stats? :X

Double daggers are soooo fun.

Generally you get tripple size carded gladius, and quad race carded main gauches. Then have an ice pick on the side for high def whores.

DD sins are great for emp breaking, think you can reach a rediculus like 4 seconds with buffs and with Ice pick can rape high def's usually faster then Sonic blow.

Emp breaker:Ice pick[1] orc skel, main gauche[4] 2x desert wolf 2x orc skel

People breaker: Gladius[3] tripple skel worker, main gauche[4] quadruple hydra and an ice pick on the side
(side note: always have the weapon with higher base attack in the right hand)

Then slap on EDP and have some fun.

Of course thier are better weapons if you have acess to some mvp cards(mmm doppel on DD *drool*), or if you wanna make a status whore. I just listed the general weapons.


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