[Renewal] Did I destroy my assassin? Is SonicBlow build any good ina server limitedto 2-1?

Started by zombbvi, Jul 09, 2017, 12:46 PM

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Hey there guys. I started in a server that has renewal stats but classic monsters. It's limited to 2-1 classes, as it just started. Not looking towards trans classes for a very very long time.
My current stats are as follows:
Str: 68
Agi: 38
Vit: 31
Int: 1
Dex: 45
Luk: 1

This character was supposed to be 99% for PvP. The build I had in mind was to be a Sonic Blow type assassin with high Str and Vit, with just enough agi to be able to spam grimtooth decently and lvl up without a hard time (like 38-40) that picked off people in WoE but I recently heard Sonic Blow build is terrible without EDP? Is this true, or is it viable later on? Also I'd like to know, what other builds would be viable if I wanted to stick to katars? was reading on double attack katar build but not sure how well it works out. So far, it seems like everything I can do, a knight can do 10x better and it's making me feel bad. :( Would love to know if my character is salvagable at all, and if the build I have in mind would work out. Or if it won't work out, what other builds can I still go for that would be good in PvP? I know I can't go crit anymore because I have too much dex and too little luk. There's no stat reset in my server so I can't just keep changing to test. Would love some help!  /wah

Also, a little off topic, but I heard that with Renewal stats, str doesnt matter that much? Does that mean that I can pump agi safely just for convenience? Heard gear matters a lot more and you cant get str bonuses anymore. Also, I have no idea how much dex I need to hit most people in PvP. My final build was gonna look like :
Str: 90
Agi: 52
Vit: 70
Int: 1
Dex: 50
Luk: 1

Let me know what you think! And would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance you guys :)


assassins in general aren't good in any server, dude. maybe or mobbing a few niche places and for botting or afk clicking easy monsters.

the amount of effort it takes to make them good in most pvp situations is staggering, considering they won't be as effective as almost any other class.

considering you're playing on restart which has renewal mechanics, yeah, knight is going to topple you even moreso (10x bb damage in aoe vs your 8x damage sb that can't be spammed at all, lmao). assassins weren't even good in actual pretrans either.
just use the character for farming.



Venom Splasher are better for PvP on that kind server. Those server use renewal version of skill. On renewal Venom splasher ignore flee and boosted by % cards. You need to dual wield a sword (dagger medium size penalty) and 4 slotted weapon.

Your stat might be salvagable but your skill point might not (you cant have both grimtooth and maxed VS+PR)


like i said, in general they're pretty awful. they're really good for farming weak mobs (aside from stuff like bio3 hp/hwiz) or stomping on small servers that lack support classes.