[Non-Renewal] +Str items or inc damage to demi human?

Started by annedavidd, Feb 11, 2017, 11:05 PM

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I am playing in a mid rate server. Assassin cross Sonic blow type. NO BG/ NO SLOTTED MID

I'm just wondering if which is better for this type of character.

Hockey mask( mid lower hg) = 5% inc damage to demi human
Angel Spirit(mid) = hit +15, str+ 2 and
a lower hg which gives str +1, atk +10 (I forgot the name of the hg)

So which is better??


Depends on rest of your equipment. You want to have STR rounded up to 10th (120, 130, ...). Anything in between does almost nothing.
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I'm Assuming you are playing on MiracleRO ?

i'd go for the +10 atk and +1 str and Angel Spirit since it gives 15 hit which allows you to mitigate 15 points instead of dex ( assuming you are non champ/LK )

Racial Modifiers are additive if they are the same so the bonus you'd be getting isn't as much as you'd think, +3 more str also means it will allow you to get the next tier of STR Bonus which is nice since it is scaling.


You're right. I am playing on MiracleRO /no1

I'm going for the angel spirit and blah blah lower gear /heh