[Non-Renewal] DD sinx need some advise

Started by danda000, Aug 29, 2013, 03:59 PM

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High rate 2nd-class PVP server
most item&card can obtain from shop

Headgear  Upper: Custom Item [1](12%damage to human,7% autocast dispell) with Lord Knight Card
               Medium: All element resist 5% [1]                                           --> need advise for card
                  Lower: Wings All stats+2,able to detect hidden enemy [1]  --> need advise for card

Armor :                vk with Ghostring, detale, Tao Gunka, do I need more?
Right Hand:         +10 Desert Storm 1x doppel 3x TG  (test with 2tg 1 hydra... 3tg do more damage)
Left Hand  :         +10 Orish Axe 1x doppel 1x ws 1x thanatos 1x side winder  (need some advise to replace side winder)
Garment:             deviling and radyic
Footgear:             matyr (no idea lolz)
accessory :           2x Megingjard with owl baron+ owl duke     


Str: 92+78
agi: 1
vit : 76+4
dex : 60+40
luk: left