[Non-Renewal] Need a little help with sinx.

Started by kkxtrouble, Jul 04, 2013, 11:56 AM

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First of all hello beautiful people.
I've been out of the loop for quite some time and decided to come back to Ragnarok.
The fist thing i did was to log on my Bro account to realize they screwed DD sinx with renewal. I got a little mad with that.
So I decided to start anew in some private server, i choose Rebyrth Ro, i don't know if it is a good server or not but i has people in it, that is something already.

So i need a little help here since there are some alterations in the server and i can't really remember how all the Ro math goes.
I'm looking for a Dual build, be it DD DA or DS.
Max lvl 255
Job 120
Stats 255
Aspd 196

Notable card alterations - Atroce + 125 atk , Doppel + 30 Aspd , drake card also causes critical wounds ( not sure of the % though).
Brace A Damascus and valourus A D have 1 slot.
I'm more concerned about the weapons rather than the rest of equips, i have been out for so long that i don't know many of the new equips.

Any kind of help is apreciated, i have very little time to play but I'm trying to get all the info i can during this one week vacation I'm going through.


yeah i guess you guys can forget what i wrote, i've been reading about the server and I see almost nothing good about it, sad.
Still searching for a 255 max lvl  stable server...