Raw Zenny farming LK

Started by mhalkita14, Oct 12, 2021, 10:55 AM

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Hi, I'm currently playing on a x1 server wherein players doesn't have imba items as of now. I'm thinking to create a BB knight to farm raw zenny in MAGMA. I'm looking for the best possible equips that I can use to start grinding. (Haven't created a knight yet but I have Pasana Card) the server doesn't offer anything special in cashshop as well aside from 2bsb per week ( u can only buy 2 bsb per week ) and other NPC rental items

Please refrain from suggesting cards since it is really expensive and hard to find as of now but I guess my Pasana Card can make my farming started.

Our server also have Optioned items wherein Equipments that you get from monster has a chance to carry an option


You might actually want Bathory for Magma 2, the Nightmare Terrors cast NPC_MENTALBREAKER which drains your SP.