[Non-Renewal] What's the best paladin and LK build for low rate server?

Started by akatzuke13, Jan 28, 2016, 12:14 AM

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so far the server's on event x100 base/job
i want to make a tanky main character and i think its on swordsman route
so what should i make? and what build
i was in need of fast farming and can do lil mobbing with med-high survival rate
so can anyone suggest me?  other class route also acceptable suggestion thanks rms
full server info :
Pre-Renewal Pure Classic Server!!!
Upto Transcendent Jobs! 99/70!
Server Rates: 25x/25x/15x
Base and Job level = 25x
Normal Cards = 15x
Normal equips = 30x
Normal Etc and Usable = 50x
Boss cards = 1x
Boss equips, etc, and usable = 30x


I'm not too familiar with Paladin, but with Knight/LK there's not too much you can do wrong.

1. Get as high STR as possible so you can reach the next multiple of 10 at level 99 (e.g. 97+23).
2. With 99 VIT / 5 LUK total you get stun immunity. You could also consider Gloria, then 93 VIT total would be sufficient. That's makes you tanky enough.
3. Get 20 total DEX early, after that only increase if you think you are not hitting enough. It's also best left at a multiple of 10.
4. Get 6 total INT for more SP regen (as LK 99 with 3+2 INT your regen goes 4->5 and with 4+2 INT your regen goes 5->6, that's 50% increase for just two stats!)

1. Pierce is a great 1vs1 killing skill, if you aren't too fond leveling through mobbing (which just drags down your nice DEF), then it's the best damage skill to get. Only use it against large enemies, though!
2. Bowling Bash is much better than Brandish Spear and most servers have gutter lines disabled, I recommend asking your server owner though.
3. Brandish is ok for a mobbing skill. It costs less SP than Bowling Bash, but also does much less damage. It also requires you to use a Spear unlike BB. It doesn't waste as many skill points as BB, though, so if you don't get BB you can basically get all the spear skills. Won't recommend getting it though.
4. Spiral Pierce... it's not exactly the best trans skill ever. It's great against small monster so it complements Pierce well, but there aren't that many small monster in endgame, so hmmm. Usually getting the trans buff skills has more benefits. I never got high level with LK, though, so hard for me to tell!


I will add my mobbing/tank LordKnight build. It is pure tank and I am extremly satisfied with it (it can tank almost anything, except for Randgris)

Stats / Skills (With rest of skill points given anywhere you like)

Str is purely for weight limit, since you carry around few shields/armors.
2Luk is to round perfect dodge
Dex is for little bit of hit (most high level mobs and bosses have insane flee with agiup/powerup anyway)
Agi is for flee and aspd (as you want to recover after you hit something as fast as possible). Flee does not work agains bunch of mobs, but as long you are getting hit by just few (1-3) mobs, it helps.

Once you get yourself at ~70def, I would recommend using Safety Rings instead of yoyos.
If you are lucky enough, and can get +10gear, you can have 100def with gospel (last two def you might be looking for are from cutlus and bapho jr pet)

You want to carry Spear with 4x Mummy for hit as switch weapon (using it + 1 concentration gives you 241hit, which is cool.

Diabolus boots are not best, Greaves are better (more def), but harder to farm and refine. Best is +8 and more variants, they give insane amount of def (beware, that you will lose 1vit gained from green ferus, so adjust a build).

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There are pretty much two LK builds. Solo PvM that can handle most places and solo weaker and average MvPs but isn't good for WoE or parties at high difficulty areas, and party tank with Spiral Pierce.

Zerges pretty much covered the tank, soloer isn't hard. Skills:
Sword Mastery                           Lv 1
Two-Handed Sword Mastery                Lv 10
Increase Recuperative Power             Lv 10
Bash                                    Lv 10
Provoke                                 Lv 10
Magnum Break                            Lv 5
Endure                                  Lv 1
Spear Mastery                           Lv 7
Pierce                                  Lv 10
Two-Hand Quicken                        Lv 10
Auto Counter                            Lv 5
Bowling Bash                            Lv 10
Riding                                  Lv 1
Cavalry Mastery                         Lv 5
Aura Blade                              Lv 5
Parrying                                Lv 10
Concentration                           Lv 5
Berserk                                 Lv 1

Gear isn't difficult, and depends on what exactly you have available. Focus on STR. Since it's solo, I prefer Evil Druid as go-to armor card, with elemental alternatives for tanking some MvPs. You'll be using 2hand sword for general mobbing and PvM, spear against MvPs and other boss type mobs. Krasnaya is excellent sword for general purpose, Veteran Sword also works great, especially if you can't get Sword Guardian cards for Krasnaya. Of course, you're gonna have to get set of VVS elemental claymores form a blacksmith. Rest is pretty much "what you can get" style, the only real must is Alice card in shield-preferably Valkyrie. Go for the effect, rather than pure DEF in gear. Concentration reduces your DEF anyway. Also, I like Giant Whisper card in garment...

Stats are dependant on gear, you're going for 130 total STR, 80 base VIT (Giant Whisper), 40-50 total DEX, round up the LUK to multiply of 10 and dump the rest in AGI.

This is pretty much "I wanna do it all but don't wanna make two chars" kind of character. So, expect to be weaker in most activities than specialized chars, but you'll be able to do it all and solo most the time. It's a good alternative to Sniper for a first, hunting char.


(Imo)Lord knights would be pretty superior when it comes to pvm,pvp and woe. Great tank+damage output. Lk also do well in mobbing. But if youre into mobbing+semi supporting go palladin gc type. It might be a bit old school but it does good in faming and tanking.

If you really want a great farmer just go sniper easy single monster hunting and also pretty good in mobbing with traps.