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Started by goldfiner, Nov 24, 2015, 01:35 PM

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Help me with shield boomerang and shield chain build paladin. Anything that i needed to know about it. Stats, equipments, skill build, techniques etc. 99/70 no cross shield available.Thank you


So i research something about shield boomerang and shield chain. For shield boomerang str 99 agi 70 vit 70, do i need to raise more agi? For shield chain str 99 dex 85 vit 53, do i need to raise vit? No cross shield in the server so my main item will be? Do magni cap set better? Or use strong shield artas alice doll unfro/ED. Is triple bloody boned applicable for shield chain and shield boomerang with ROMx2 accessory thanks


It works +/- like this if I still remember it right:

Shield boom:
Str to get dmg, % cards/gears for even more dmg
Shield weight for dmg
Aspd for more spam
Link to ignore the necessity of hit and be able to do even more spam
Best Shield: Bradium Shield

shield chain
Str for dmg, % cards/gears for even more dmg
shield weight for dmg
dex for faster cast
Best shield: Cross Shield

- shield's refine barely does any difference, it adds <50 extra dmg each level [forgot the exact number but it's pretty much nothing even at +10].
- weapons' atk don't increase your dmg, the only reason to want different weapons would be spear for +1 range or swords/daggers for higher aspd
- shield bash is a good friend for those
- without any of those shields, strong shield should be the best one to use


cool thx. may ill stick with shield boomerang because there is no cross shield on the server. thx for the info u gave its very useful.


by the way no dex for Shield Boomerang build? so max str high agi then vit will be ok?


That's a bit more complicated.

Shield Boomerang build relies on being under soul link all the time. Soul link buffs Shield Boomerang by removing aftercast delay, increasing damage and making it never miss. Thus the no DEX and loads of AGI.

Unless you have Soul Linker following you all the time, building a Boomerang Pally is pretty much useless, the skill is vastly underpowered without link.


QuoteLink to ignore the necessity of hit
Dex may still be needed although not more than 1-10 points, just enough to get +1 aspd in case of needing it to achieve next aspd level.

The rest was already said by Sarin. It's pretty much only made to farm stuff at gefenia or o'gloves at thor 1.


Thanks for the information its very useful. I can find linker anytime and in woe we always have a linker.


Don't forget to get Tamruan Card in the shield if you are focusing on Shield Boomerang.