Help. Missing something about job change or iro interface

Started by rikochet, Dec 06, 2017, 02:40 AM

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I've hit the time to job change into knight, started the quests and about the 4th one I've been directed to go to an arena and do several fights. I remember doing this quest years ago. I've read every guide online I can find. Once you talk to the NPC Im supposed to move to a waiting room and/or chat room depending on the guide I've read. But... I can't find anything on the small dark platform. Just myself and the NPC. I've talked with him, waited for hours in the room, tried every wall. and space available to walk. If I recall there was a teleport I was supposed to walk into. I'm confused and frustrated. I have tried every command and visual change thinking maybe the chat room is hidden somehow. I'm sure it is something easy and I am just missing something small and silly. Any help would be appreciated.


I don't see any problem in your description.  You might want to share a screenshot as well.