BB damage vs overall BB DPS

Started by Aeroskye, Jun 20, 2018, 11:02 AM

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I was making a pvm/pvp LK build and ended up at a spot where raising dex was giving me higher dps at the expense of strength. Though the damage per BB was lower, I could spam more. I am losing about a 100 damage per BB shot and gaining about 120 damage per second in pvp against a fully geared enemy.

What should I prefer to go with considering pvp + mvping?


Hey Aeroskye! Your optimized PvM build depends on your server. Are you playing Pre-Renewal or Renewal? What's the maxlevel, and what customizations are available?

If you're playing on a vanilla, max 99, Pre-Renewal server, you'll want 9x Strength until you hit your breakpoint, with Dex at around 60-90 total. Here are a few guides that are readily available:

Best of luck!

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99/70. Pre-renewal.

I didn't mention I thought it was a pretty standard question.

I realized my DPS was higher with 8x str and 9x dex but damage per BB lower. When I made 9x str and 8x dex, damage took an obvious leap but overall DPS came down because BB spam became slower.

Its a BB spammer LK, with total vit at 70. I am going to pvm with a priest buddy....and with proper gears I will have still have 20k+ hp. The idea was to unleash good damage and I am achieving it as well, just at a bind between DPS and per BB hit damage.