[Renewal] Better Farming Weapon for Rune Knight (IB/BB Build)

Started by jizmo, Mar 06, 2018, 07:49 AM

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Hey guys,

I'm new to renewal and was just wondering what everyone's opinion was for a "best" farming weapon using IB/BB.

I'm sure a thanatos weapon will be the best weapon due to the sustain it provides, especially when paired with a hunter fly card. However, I'm not sure what would be better:

Great Sword:
Pros - High Damage, Can Parry         
Cons - Cannot Use a Shield, Less Damage Reduction

Pros - Can Pair with Shield for More Reduction
Cons - Less Damage than Great Sword, No Parry

In your experience (because i ACTUALLY have none  /heh) would you prefer more reduction as a tankier sustainer while farming or is the higher damage more worth/is parry good enough?

If you choose having a shield over two handed sword, can you please let me know what shield would be good to use and if there is one, a good all round card to use for it.

Also, when I say "farming" I'm talking Zeny farming in gefenia and pretty much all my leveling till I hit max. If these are good for farming instances too I'd like to know which ones :)

Sol Invictus

I have never played officials post 2007 but I would say maybe getting your hands on a Krasnaya seems doable. Not sure how much you would have to invest in official servers to get one.
Another great choice for the IB+BB build would be a Veteran Sword due to boosting BB's damage by +50%

Just really depends on your budget honestly.