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Author Topic: [Non-Renewal] Need Help! BowlingBash type Lord Knight 255/120  (Read 2682 times)

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Offline kenneth10

I help for my LK-BB type! Server is Atroce base. ArtistCard=30skilldelay Kiel=PD/Hit
also Adventures Bagpack..

Hereis my item:
Banryu-3slot(10%BB)   - Card please
RCYC( STR+5) (Dex+5) (5%reduce DMG from Demi-human)- Cardplease
VH (10%Reduce DMG from DemiHuman) (10%inflict from DemiHuman) - Card please
DScarf(+6 allstats Wind Propert)combo with VH - noSLOT
VA(100%Freeze Resist)  - Card Please
VM (reflect) -card please
VS/Sleipnir - Card for VS
2 megs- cards please

all i need to know is Stats and Carding in my Items....... and please indicate the cards if its use for WoE or PVP.

Thanks GUYS!


Offline Pepo

post it on server where u play. obv
i dont think someone here can help with custom items