[Non-Renewal] Need Help! BowlingBash type Lord Knight 255/120

Started by kenneth10, Jan 19, 2017, 11:24 AM

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I help for my LK-BB type! Server is Atroce base. ArtistCard=30skilldelay Kiel=PD/Hit
also Adventures Bagpack..

Hereis my item:
Banryu-3slot(10%BB)   - Card please
RCYC( STR+5) (Dex+5) (5%reduce DMG from Demi-human)- Cardplease
VH (10%Reduce DMG from DemiHuman) (10%inflict from DemiHuman) - Card please
DScarf(+6 allstats Wind Propert)combo with VH - noSLOT
VA(100%Freeze Resist)  - Card Please
VM (reflect) -card please
VS/Sleipnir - Card for VS
2 megs- cards please

all i need to know is Stats and Carding in my Items....... and please indicate the cards if its use for WoE or PVP.

Thanks GUYS!


post it on server where u play. obv
i dont think someone here can help with custom items