[Non-Renewal] got some +10 main gauche 4 slots... which cards to use for a pally?

Started by Wanderer88, Jul 03, 2018, 11:52 PM

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i have managed to get a few +10 main gauche4. im a lvl 95 pally. switching between MVP and leveling build.

my questions:

1: which card combo should i use for those 2 purposes? which for mvp's and which for leveling? my gear is rather crap cuz not much is available on the server since it's new. no mvp cards available etc.

2: i see a whole lot of debating regarding the 2+2 and 3+1... it should be 3+1, yes? should it be race x3 size x1? size x3 race x1?

any thoughts on that? thank you


main gauche only used for devo pally or sacrifice pally. if you want use sacrifice for mvp that's a bad idea unless you willing to waste alot of pots. if you want go mvping better find specific mvps you want to camp. use mixed 2x racial 2x elemental for best damage output. 4x size if you dont want alot of trouble to get all those. 4x racial or elemental could works as well. you could play GC pally if you want camp undead/demon mvps. GC and devo pally didnt need much gears as much as other builds.