Windows 10 Problem

Started by blokxz, Sep 11, 2017, 01:38 PM

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Hi guys
so there is always a problem when i play ragnarok games on my laptop windows 10, the font of the in game is so small, its like the resolution too big..

my laptop resolution is 3840x2160

i have play around with the ragnarok setup, or check the disable high DPI setting , but it didn't work, still small font

any suggestion?

thx before


With a resolution of 3840x2160, I think not just RO but a lot of text/object on screen will appear very small unless your laptop screen is huge.  Does increasing your RO window size help?


yes, i did increase the windows size , but its like only the windows size get bigger, but the ingame stuff doesn't get bigger,

ah yes my laptop screen is only 15.6 inches,
so is there anything i can do?


Depend if you are willing to adjust your resolution just for RO.  1920x1080 would still look pretty good on a 15.6".


This can be fixed by changing the lang type to 1 in the clientinfo.xml