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Started by sepzane, Jan 26, 2021, 03:46 PM

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I keep writing a review for a particular server. But randomly my review rating keeps being changed to be higher than it actually is. (No, I did not just blanket give the server all 1's.) Looking at the other reviews for the server, it seems like quite a few of them are also being bumped up in some way. Is it an algorithm? It seems like a lot of the reviews have been getting changed. I played on that server for four months with my friend.

Obviously, my opinion of the server is very poor. (For good reason.) But it really doesn't make any sense for my reviews to constantly get changed to 30-35+ when I'm trying to rank it an 18-22. (They do get some points for the server being available to play on, after all.) If I had a really bad experience with it. (The GM, P2W, bad community, etc.) Why should I not be allowed to voice my opinion? With a 200 character limit. It's hard to systematically describe my grievances with all the detailed ratings (Eventfulness, Stability, Community, Class Balance, Economy, etc.) as well as other problems not covered by the rating system.


There is the review guidelines that must be respected by each review.  If the review content does not justify the score given, it is either we delete your review or we normalize the score so to be fair on both sides. 

Because often times, users simply do not check their email (when we mail out the reason for deletion etc) and spam the same 10/100 review until we ban them or complain the server owner deleted their review on their next review (server owner have no power of that otherwise why even have a review system). 

So this is the "middle ground" solution to allow the content but give a fair score.  This is all done to "allow you to voice your opinion".  If you are giving an ultra low score in certain categories without even mentioning what's wrong, even if we don't take action the server owner will report the review to us for breaking the review guidelines.

On the review form or after you submitted the review there is an option/suggestion to write an in-depth review in our forum for the server if you need more space.


Thank you for the reply. I'll have to look into why I didn't get any of the e-mails in that case. I will have to consider making a longer forum-post review when I have time as others have. Since my review for the server in question seems more like a quick laundry list of what's wrong in many of the given categories.