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Started by yC, Feb 20, 2012, 09:52 AM

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Private messaging and signature edition/creation functions are not available to accounts with less than 3 posts count. 

It is done to:

1. prevent bot spam in private messages.

2. eliminate non-human registered users to join the forum for the purpose of building advertisement link in their signatures.

Also note that your mail box capacity will increase as your forum rank increases.  Your forum rank is directly related to the number of posts you have:

Forum Rank              Required Posts           Mailbox Capacity

Newbie                         0                         5
Payon Villager                 3                        10
Morroc Trader                 10                        35
Prontera Adventurer           50                        75
Al De Baran Alchemist        100                       100
Lighthalzen Researcher       200                       150
Yuno Scholar                 500                       200
New World Alliance          1000                       250