Regarding ScytheRO dislisting

Started by Scythe, Aug 22, 2016, 04:55 AM

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Hello, I am the Adminstrator/Owner of ScytheRO.
I urge you to hear me out and please consider my voice. We have been delisted multiple times due to our server been accused of corrupted.
I implore you to please be reasonable as we are not corrupted that we may accused of. There's a player that gives us bad reviews and kept on accused us as being corrupted when he's the one that is the most corrupt. He will not stop until our server are permanently down.
He have been caught with multiple charges of corruption and have been banned from the previous and current server.
We have been framed multiple times thus make us hard to grow our server. We have 15+ active players eager to play with new players. Furthermore, this new server will be corrupt free and any sign of corruption will result in instant ban.
To the admin of RMS, please consider with your goodwill that we have been framed and that man will not stop until we are left with nothing.

Main Site: <- email listed here for proof of ownership.
Email:   [email protected]


Well, the first source of report was contained here: (the page was previously named serenity-ro)

1)  The first time I delisted the listing (Aug 14, the same day it was created), I got an email stating that "The server is brand new" trying to cut ties with a previous server.  However, a quick look at the control panel shows there are already over 1000 accounts and 2000 characters created.

I think it is not hard to tell it's a simple rename of another server.  The email wasn't being honest at all so there must be something to hide and we will not let it get away.

2)  The scammer stated in the facebook reveal link is Mike Mulders and here I see this person is promoting your server

I wouldn't call this corruption, it is a scam server created to scam money out of players from the start.  I can't see a reason to allow a listing for it.


To be frank and honest with you that every server that have been made is up just to make money and have fun. As we have cut ties with the previous OWNER that was the one who is CORRUPTED and transfer all our items and players to a new home. After we cut ties with the previous owner there's seem to be not a lot of players and we suspect it was the corrupted owner multiple accounts.
As we know how hard it is to grind and make items we have decided to keep the accounts. To help players experience the game once again.
As for Mike Mulders, there is no proof or any kind of feud between players and the GM team about him scamming anyone.
We have paid for 2 months of hosting and already have a GM team. We've do maintenance every Sunday and every donateable are questable.
As I have told you in my recent posting is that the corrupted owner will never leave us alone until he sees us left to nothing.


Unfortunately, the answer is no.  The fact that the server's donation is going to someone that is named Mike M. speaks for itself.  It is the same server, same person behind it.