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Started by celeron0134, Jun 08, 2017, 05:18 AM

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Hello.. good day im just gonna ask.. when can i repost my server advertisement? or reposting is disabled here? .. sry to ask but seeking for players is kinda hard.. if you dont allow reposting.. can you give me some tips to gain players? .. thanks in advance


The rule written for the forum's advertisement section, says there is no reposting unless it has been more than 120 days from the previous advertisement post.


You may only post one advertisement in our advertisement section per 120 days.  As you posted yours on the 1st June, you'll need to wait another 113 days before you can re-post.  If we allowed immediate re-posting, people would just spam the ever loving crap out of the advertisement section.

You're free to suggest your server to folk looking for servers in the Server Seeking section, providing your server matches their needs.  Please read through these [guidelines] though before doing this, otherwise you may find your posts being removed.

Lastly in regards to gaining players, there's a few threads in Server Discussion that might give you a few tips.  From various comments I've seen over the years, having a good website is definitely a plus.  I'll leave it to you to check out various other threads & opinions on this.