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Problem uploading banner and images



Just a quick question regarding this part of the server information as seen in Image 1.

I followed the instruction about the size and all but it still looks like this as seen in Image 2.

No pictures nor banner showing up. Please advise me how to do this. Thank you.

Additional Info:
I'm used Imgur.com, Flickr.com and ibb.com for my images but nothing works.
banner size 520x100 as seen in the instruction and saved as GIF file.

You also emailed me the same question.  I will also answer it here so other people can understand:

You have to link directly to the image, not a page containing the image and other materials.

For example, this is the page you are linking to https://imgur.com/pPJTLo5.  It is a web-page NOT just the image.

If you right click the image on that page and select "open image in new tab" you will get this link in the url box https://i.imgur.com/pPJTLo5.jpg

The .jpg link is the image link and should show up correctly on our site.


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