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Started by Snowwy, Dec 08, 2017, 12:23 PM

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Hello, I am new to the forums so please forgive me if I have missed something here. I am a long time fan and player of Ragnarok Online and wanted to share a review about a server I have had displeasure with, I posted the review and while not a positive review, I believe it to be honest. I thought I would check to see the response given by the server owner as i noticed they are allowed to respond and noticed that the numbers I had given on the review have gone up.

I know I didn't do this so I was wondering if one of the mods or perhaps someone with access to edit the reviews could please tell me why the review was changed?

To clarify, The server rating I had given was in the early 20's and now it appears to be 38? I am referring to my review on the server LimitRO


If you didn't give a reason to why some of those category scores deserve the points you gave, we can either delete your review for not explaining your score or normalize the score but keep the review so to be fair on both sides.  Depend on the content of the review (if it is helpful to other readers, sharing your experience or it is merely written out of hate), one of the above action will be taken to protect the system.  For example, if you gave 1/10 in guild competition but fail to mention anything about it then reasonably that part of the server should have a fair score on its review.

If you don't like the normalized score, you are free to delete your review in the user panel and write one that is within our review guidelines.