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Author Topic: Can I just message any Mod and receive some form of feedback ?  (Read 1564 times)

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Offline wilbur009

I had an issue regarding something and would like to talk to a Mod about it. I already sent a Mod a message, but I didn't know if they just ignored all messages.


Offline Lostestate

Re: Can I just message any Mod and receive some form of feedback ?
« Reply #1 on: Aug 11, 2015, 10:03 am »
Hi Wilbur009,

Due to some sensitive player opinions and information, I have not posted the evidence for public viewing.

Admin yC, if you do read this, I have left the .rar file with the evidence in your inbox.

Wilbur009, respectfully, thank you for having played LabyrinthRO and I am still very unhappy for having to ban you due to your absolute and utter disrespect in which my other players can vouch for.

Having you force me to accept your suggestions and when I don’t, insist wasn’t a very pleasant experience for me.

Having confronted you, you still publicly told me my players don’t have a clue.

Also you told me ‘then don’t make a server if you are gonna complain about the hard work’.

Like I mentioned to you previously, I do not want to become your slave where I need to answer to you for every implementation, it is my server and I don’t see why I need you to force me to do things.

My players agreed that you don’t have respect for me, and that is evident in the link I’ve sent to yC.

You asked me to provide a chat log on where you had been disrespectful.

I have provided it to yC.

And you called me butthurt when nothing offensive was said to me?

Simply put, I’ve worked long and hard on this server and I do it for players who are grateful.

As seen in my server's ToS, I aim to build a community of friendly and supportive players.

Not a community of ungrateful people who can only command me to make changes.

I didn’t make a server to suit your PvP style..

Offline yC

Re: Can I just message any Mod and receive some form of feedback ?
« Reply #2 on: Aug 11, 2015, 02:56 pm »
I think this is a problem between you two and I have no power to control what goes on inside a server. 

wilbur009, our staff do not go into individual server to check for cases where players believe they are banned for the wrong reason.  If you have a story to tell, you can post your story in this section of the forum to warn others of your experience. 

Lostestate, you are also free to share your side of the story too.  If you try to share screenshots, your better choice is to upload to sites like imgur and share the links.  I don't recommend people download rar for the purpose of looking at screenshots.

RMS try to provide a middle ground for players and servers to resolve their difference, we don't control servers.  Simply put, RMS is not the RO police.