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Author Topic: Bug in Royal Guard Skill Simulator  (Read 1401 times)

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Bug in Royal Guard Skill Simulator
« on: Apr 25, 2013, 09:30 pm »
First, you need to up the swordman skills first,

moving hp recover 10
bash 10
magnum break 10
provoke 10
endure max till 0 skill pt left,

then you will see the swordman part of the simulator showing 0 when there're supposed to be 4 more skill points,

then you add for crusader skills

pressure 1
peco mastery 5
spear quicken 10
faith 10

then straight you add inspiration 5 for Royal Guard, you'll see "Ray of Genesis" is 0/5 added to the skill tree, as for inspiration the prerequisite for Ray of Genesis is supposed to be 4/5. I'm not sure of my exact order of the swordman skills and crusader skills order will reproduce the bug, but if when you try it out it happens that you must follow a particular order when adding for those 2 lower jobs, try randomly the order to reproduce it. Btw, thx for a good skill simulator.

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Re: Bug in Royal Guard Skill Simulator
« Reply #1 on: Apr 26, 2013, 10:53 am »
I tried ss 1 and ss2 built but cannot reproduce the error.  This added up fine:

Code: [Select]
Increase Recuperative Power             Lv 10
Bash                                    Lv 10
Provoke                                 Lv 10
Magnum Break                            Lv 10
Endure                                  Lv 9
Moving HP Recovery                      Lv 1 (Quest Skill)
Fatal Blow                              Lv 1 (Quest Skill)
Auto Berserk                            Lv 1 (Quest Skill)
Spear Mastery                           Lv 10
Riding                                  Lv 1
Cavalry Mastery                         Lv 5
Faith                                   Lv 10
Auto Guard                              Lv 5
Shield Charge                           Lv 2
Spear Quicken                           Lv 10
Pressure                                Lv 1
Shrink                                  Lv 1 (Quest Skill)

Total 1st job skill point used: 49/49 Left: 0 Over: 0
Total 2nd job skill point used: 44/69 Left: 25 Over: 0
Total 3rd job skill point used: 0/49 Left: 49 Over: 0

If you have been using the sim for a while without reset I do believe some of the math carrying/overhead could lead to error in certain cases.  Try use the reset button but I suggest refresh the page to get it all fresh and try again.

Offline Diiimn

Re: Bug in Royal Guard Skill Simulator
« Reply #2 on: Apr 26, 2013, 11:55 am »
That's weird. When I tested if I leveled the Royal Guard skills first it's ok, but if I level Swordsman skills to Crusader then Royal Guard there was that bug, however, when I try to reproduce it now, it doesn't happen anymore. However, it happened twice, first time was ~1- 2 days of heavy use, second time I could reproduce it by following the way I said in the first post. I couldn't reproduce it anymore.

Maybe it was the overhead thing you said happening even with reset, cause I did use reset alot of times.
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