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was it a mistake with the description or the item script?

the description
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the item script
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Author Topic: a question with "Hukke's Blackcat Ears"'s item script on ratemyserver.net  (Read 1768 times)

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Offline edmond320

the description of this item on ratemyserver.net is as following:

Ears of Hyuke's black cat. Very cute.
CRI + 3, Increases critical attack damage by 10%.
FLEE + 10, Reduces DEF by 50%

and the item script of it is
{ bonus bDef,-50; bonus bFlee,10; bonus bCritical,3; bonus2 bCriticalAddRace,RC_Boss,10; bonus2 bCriticalAddRace,RC_NonBoss,10; },{},{}

2 questions with its script
"Reduces DEF by 50%",the script for this as written,"bonus bDef,-50",did it mean"bonus bDefRate,-50"?
it doesn't seem correct with the current script written on the site.'cause with this script, def of the character becomes negative at most of the times..

and the second question for "Increases critical attack damage by 10%"
the script of the item "bonus2 bCriticalAddRace,RC_Boss,10; bonus2 bCriticalAddRace,RC_NonBoss,10"
did it mean" bonus bCritAtkRate,10"?
'cause with this script and "bonus bCritical,3",the effect of it is increasing 13 CRI for all class enemies.
so..could any one answer the question is it a problem with it's description or the item script?

thx for all


Offline A92FL0163

"bonus bDef,-50" is similar of the Tao Gunka's Card, so it is -50 Base Defense, not -50%.

Offline Relics

OP, the description is wrong.