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"Report This Comment" link broken.


I had someone make a rating on our server that said they had been playing 3 months on our server...well, at the time we hadn't had any players that had played for 3 months. How do I know this? because the comment was made in July. Our server wasn't open again until May! They made a bad rating on our server, and they probably didn't even play for a week (if that). I have a feeling I know who it was. They left quite abruptly because we "weren't good at RPing" (or maybe just because he was an donkey...one of the two ;p). If it really is that person a week is actually longer than he stayed.

[rant]This person said I wasn't in game...but does a GM need to be in game 24/7? I was in irc almost all the time...not my fault they didn't get on ;p Though if it was the guy i thought it was...he was on IRC. A GM should be available a lot of the time...not always in game o_o if i was in game all the time i'd be idling since i do so much work on our server :p i spent probably 7-10 hours on our latest installer >.> gay gay gay[/rant]

anyway. just wanted to report a comment but wasn't able to (nor was the other server admin). It says "You must be logged in" blah blah blah but then on the box on the side it says i AM logged in :p BROKEN FTL. So yeah I guess this is a bug report and a comment report all rolled in to one.

i think i only handled the case for USER report comment hmm that means owner account can't report ... i'll try fix it later (just got my new phone today YAY!)

about the comment, i read it just now, saw ur reply.  If you demand a remove you can pm me about it.  Since the first sentence of the review was a good one and 45 isn't that low compare to others that requested remove for false info.


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