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Author Topic: "IE is not supported" internet explorer error, while using Firefox.  (Read 5107 times)

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Offline blackhorde

Hello, when I try to load the character simulator from rms site I get error which is supposed to appear when you use internet explorer browser, but Im using mozilla firefox Im talking about this error:

"Dear RMS Character Simulator Users,

We are sorry.

Internet Explorer is currently not supported. We recommend you use Firefox with Google Toolbar to experience the best performance from this Ragnarok Character Simulator. "

Any ideas ? Thanks for any help.


Offline yC

i use the exact same version of firefox and i don't get that error.

could it be you used something to mask your browser brand/version ... but that's not likely?

Offline blackhorde

Im sure I haven't used any masking tools for firefox, because I have also installed internet explorer for the rest of my family, which is prefered by them. Seeing this error was quite a surprise to me, I even thought this is some kind of joke from rms :p
So anyway I will continue to find out the cause of this malfunction.

edit. "User Agent Switcher" seem to work, so the problem is kind of solved, but still don't know why would that error appear.

ps. I just installed that user agent switcher, so its not like i had it earlier.
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Offline Guest

i have to admit this has to be one of the funnier error's i've heard XD

PS: i have the same version and it still works fine for me >.<
dunno why yours won't work =/

Offline yC

So what's the "User Agent" before you edit it? 

Offline Rbread

You have to check your addons.  There are certain addons that that may/may not change the rendering engine of firefox.

Offline Zone

Try downloading Firefox 3.0.1 <-- click