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FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HeroRagnarokOnline/
Site: http://he.ro-gaming.net/
Lite Installer: https://www.mediafire.com/?bwx832093pr42z2

196 atkspd
Agi based Delay(No Need Kiel)
Rare Cards 5% but can also farm and buy at NPC
Customize LHZ Card Effects
Kiel Card +50 atk
Doppelganger Card Max Atkspd
Cart Weight increase to 16000
Golden Thief Bug Card 70% magic reduction
Custom Weapons
+10 Weapon Refiner NPC
Rare/Lhz Cards 5%
Gold Room
Coin Room
Easy Farming
Punching Bag
A-Z Card Seller and Boss/Mini-Boss Card Seller
Rare Card Seller
Auto Leveler + Job Changer NPC @ Prontera (Instant BaseLevel 255/JobLevel120 & AllSkills)
Automated Events
Well Balanced Job Class
Balance Custom Items
Almost everything can be bought in NPC
Ready to PVP/WOE Freebies
RPE/WPE doesnt work

Join US !

HeRO <3

Note: you should post your IGN in our group to claim your freebies