Zeta-RO Reborn

Started by markolosi, Sep 12, 2015, 09:57 AM

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Zeta-RO Reborn

Grand Opening: September 19 2015


Rates: 15k/15k exp
Droprate: 50%, 10% (Normal cards), 3% (MVP cards)
Max Level: 255/120 Blevel/Jlevel

In-game experience

Custom Third Job with customized skills
Necromancer Class/Padawan/Sith Classes
Custom Quest/Story Line Quest/Custom NPCS and more
Daily Automated Events
Intense WOE and more action in PVP Rooms

Account Security

Our server is equipped with Gepard Shield which protects account theft, grf modification, and alteration of gameplay. Plus we have Lite Graphics Plugin with built-in RCX for graphics improvement and auto gamma correction so it will display only vivid colors.

Account Security System like @lock to avoid item theft and lost due to accidentally drop in the ground. and anti-bot which prevents bots entering the server.

GM and Staffs

Always Listening to your inquiries

Website: zeta-ro.net
Forum: zeta-ro.net/forum

"Born to be original, won't die a copy"